Architects: Mosulishvili & Partners | George Mosulishvili | Anuka Tavartkiladze

Construction works: Mosulishvili & Partners

Photo: idaaf

Area: 142.00 m2

Year: 2017

Location: Kote Apkhazi str.22 | Tbilisi, Georgia


The fashion house MATERIEL is located in old part of Tbilisi. Architectural style of the building in which the shop is placed can be described as  typical for 18th century Tbilisi, which means, that the interior ceiling is quite high and the openings inside are arched.

The new life to the space was given by the architects creating the characteristic interior. The new space is divided into several levels, which is dictated by the structure of original building. The entrance part is the lowest surface, next comes the part of hall with more intimate spirit and the last one is the mezzanine level, which is used as a storage area. The staircase leading to it is hidden behind the old wooden door.

With the help of the glazed glass front, the different layers of leveled  interior depths are well perceived looking from outdoors to facade. The thickness of the outer wall of the old house itself creates yet another level.

The textures discovered when cleaning the wall surfaces were preserved in original state.  The three of brick arches have been reinforced a bit and decorated with the white accented contour. There is used a lot of mirror and shiny surface in the design. The mentioned materials, together with the curtain fixed onto the curved guide create the bright visual of the interior. The tones of the surfaces are mostly neutral. The only sharp accents are the purple pillows and the brass golden cash desk, which makes a contrast with the folded mirrored wall panel behind it.




Author: Tata Alkhazashvili

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