Construction of MahaNakhon, 314-meter skyscraper in Bangkok is slowly coming to an end; it’s the tallest building in the capital of Thailand, replacing 304-meter Baiyoke Tower II. Its completion was celebrated with big presentation and a dramatic show.

The project was announced on July 23, 2009 and is valued at approximately 620 million US dollars.

The project of skyscraper belongs to German architect Ole Scheeren and considering its square shapes it’s not surprising, since it’s his characteristic style. Scheeren mainly works in Asia and his works have won many awards. Before founding his own architectural firm Buro Ole Scheeren, he was a partner and member at OMA; working on skyscraper he began with this company and then continued and concluded with his own firm.

Tower is in the center of Bangkok’s business district. 77-story building has 200 apartments and 150-room five-star hotel. Skyscraper also has a shopping mall, restaurants, cafes, 24-hour market and a bar on the roof terrace, from which guests can enjoy excellent panoramic views of the city and river Chaophraya. It’s also interesting that prices for the apartments vary from 1,100,000 to 17,000,000 US dollars.

MahaNakhon can be divided into three parts; first 20 floors are for shopping mall, then it’s a living space till 73th floor and after that, till the last floor there are restaurants and bars.

The most memorable feature of the skyscraper is a pixilated path which runs along the entire length of the building; it seems like it’s carved in and gives the building a swirly form. The space and a big glassy volume created by this path is called “glass skyboxes”; it’s a unity of glasses and balconies, specifically designed to create indoor and outdoor living spaces for residents. Although there are no balconies in the apartments located outside of this “path”, but by opening a full length window new, open space is created. Apartments’ interior was designed by “David Collins Studio”. Apartments continue the established signature vocabulary of architectural details and bespoke furniture and lightning and introduce a natural palette of timbers and textiles. All of the furniture and lighting have been designed by the studio.

Project area is 150,000 square meters. Public space is created at the foot of the tower, it’s a plaza with gardens and squares. There’s also transportation hub for resident’s maximum comfort. It should be noted that separate 7-story building was constructed for MahaNakhon called “Cube”; it’s a leisure and relaxation place, which everyone can use.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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