The fact that Irish designer, ’s, talent has no limit was once again proven, when the creative director of Loewe (Spanish brand and fashion house) presented new spring-summer 2017 collection.

In today’s chaotic world of fashion, designer’s work has progressed noticeably year after year and conquered new heights; his works create an eclectic unity, inspiration of which stem from different eras and places. Context is also very important for Anderson, that’s why before the fashion show, while preparing the interior of the venue, he obsessively pays close attention to every detail, until his standards are met and his works are shown in better light. This collection of spring 2017, created for Loewe is no exception and we’ll introduce it in this article.

Like in his collection of fall 2016 designer used long, sagging silhouettes, but here the theme is more extended; he gave the collection organic, somewhat unfinished look which adds to its attractiveness.

The background video for the show was made by the Dutch artist Magali Reus, it depicted blue barrels floating in the sea, which were taken to the shore by swimmers. The video was short and was repeated during the entire show. It is not only the continuation of the theme of the collection, but also a kind of metaphor; that the job is never done and work is always needed for the improvement of the brand. It should be noted that the show was decorated with Noguchi lamps, antique jars from Korea, Edmund de Waal’s porcelain and Gaetano Pesce’s chairs. This shows designer’s vision not only for the clothing but also for other surrounding objects.

Long, drapes of the scarf-point skirts and trailing sleeves and coiling ruffles makes one think of marshes and seaweed. A commitment to craft is seen in the ballooning calico dresses, with lines of modernism. Leather material is also used in clothing with yarns left dangling, as if the designer has forgotten to cut the extra part; it creates the sense of crudity. The same affect is created by the raw seams slithering down sinuous dresses.

At first glance the collection with its forms and style reminds us of gypsies, but it’s more smooth and soft and again creates the association of sea. Finally, the models were wearing not only designer’s clothes but the bags and other accessories created by him, which made the whole theme more diverse.

It’s been three years since Anderson started working for Loewe and had already managed to create couple of memorable collections. We look forward to see what he’ll offer in the future and how his works will develop.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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