Numerous numbers of individuals are gathered in a modern person’s living environment,which is mainly urban. In spite of this, their majority lacks humanistic and private contact. People are mostly alone. Levan Mindiashvili’s study is more generalized – “I don’t think about the loneliness of an individual person in a huge urban environment – at this stage I’m more interested in the reaction of group of people and society towards public and private space, as some global process, that gathers a large group of people.

However artificial might people’s created environment of the city be considered for their own survival, its beauty and charm is still clearly reflected in Levan Mindiashvili’s art. Artworks, mostly created with mixed technique, are abstract and realistic at the same time. This fusion can be easily felt on an emotional level.

Do you yourself love cities, or is it just an interesting object and body to study and that’s the reason why you’re interested in them?

The energy of large, cosmopolitan cities is essential for me in order to be able to work. The city, where something always happens, is unexhausted and full of surprises, that continuously develops and changes –these are the conditions that keep me active and fill me with inspiration. These processes and my reaction towards them is the driving force of the beginning of every new project.

“This year I will be presented at two group exhibitions in New York –Kiosk Odetta Gallery in November and in December at “Manny Cantor Art Centre”. Two more exhibitions are already being planned fornext spring, A Room of One’s Own: An Exhibition in New York and Aesthetics of Repair. Fractures within Georgian Contemporary Art”at Tartu Art Museum, Estonia. Also I plan a solo project in Tbilisi for autumn and besides I will be a curator of solo exhibition of Uta Bekaia.”

Artworks of Levan are represented in many cities, private collections and many other galleries. Nowadays he lives in the United States of America and creates his works there, though he has travelled a lot before and if idaaf has awakened your interest about Levan’s work,please visit the following link:


Author: Tata Alkhazashvili

English Edit: Nutsa Namoradze




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