Leif Podhajský is an Australian artist, who is currently based in London. His works present research of topics that are related to interaction. They clearly express the fusion of nature and psychedelic experimentation. Using objects, their mirrored movement and professionally selected colors, Podhajský creates effect, which affects the visitor with its variety of facade, which itself is a harmonious synthesis of customly chosen colors and different objects that exist around us. Concept of his works itself combines several things: the unions, fear, love and magic. As he points out: “the concepts I explore are universal to all humans and I believe we have lost touch with a lot of these in our modern lives. We’re all secretly searching for answers to true happiness and contentment.”

Podhajský’s creations can be described as  “striking abstractions of nature – mirrored vistas, engulfing waves, rippling, melting cosmic landscapes”. His works mainly involve album designs of famous artists and in each of them a specific approach of the author is noticeable, which makes this artist even more attractive and his artworks – a masterpiece.

Leif’s client list is overly impressive. He says, that he works only with those musicians whose music he enjoys, among them are: Tame Impala, Foals, The Vines, Lykke Li, Gypsy & The Cat, Shabazz Palaces, Young Magic, Toy, The Horrors, Mount Kimbie, Bonobo, Grimes, Santigold, Kelis and many more … The artist frequently says that he wants to  “create one image which encompasses an entire album of story and emotion”.

He also works for the recording studios: Warp Records, Modular Records, Atlantic Records, Carpark Records, Sub Pop Records and Sony Music, etc. Also a lot of companies, listing of which would take us really far, however mentioning some of them really show his “greatness”: Apple, Nike, diesel, Smart car.

In the end, I must say that beyond all this excellent works with full of emotions, Leif is just another man in his mid-30’s, who has his own blog and Instagram page, where he actively publishes photos from his life. Besides his works, here his odd view and love of nature is also easily noticeable, there is an ordinary man behind this impressive art after all.  The inspiration coming from him is affecting more and more after being introduced to each of his works.


Artworks for FOALS


Lykke Li – ‘Wounded Rhymes’



Artworks for Tame Impala



‘Coagulated Physique’



‘Abstract Canapé’



Artworks for BONOBO



Artwork for THE HORRORS



Cloud Control – ‘Dream Cave’









‘Liquid Life’



Marc Vonn



Mount Kimbie – ‘Cold Sprint Fault Less Youth’



Young Magic – ‘You With Air Sparkly’



WHITE ARROWS – ‘Dry Land Is Not A Myth’




“In reference to urban mobility, how will design evolve in the upcoming two decades?” 

“In the upcoming decades design will play key function in a new era of human existence. One in which humans have attained a higher state of awareness, a realization that we are all connected and a want to exist in a free, supportive and sustainable society. A society that places a high value on imagination, science, music and art as a way to move forward as a species and explore both inner and outer space, a place in which we share knowledge and embrace our differences.In reference to mobility and the way we engage with our environment, our cities will become a product of a world where the monetary system has failed, as this seems to be the only way forward from a flawed ideology that gives nothing of value back to our society. We are witnessing a taste of this failure in our present day and things will only get worse.We will need design, technology and ideas to break the syntax of this current model to create cities and environments in which humans well-being and not corporations are placed at the top of the chain. We need to see a rise in renewable energies with mass transit networks built to reflect this, the advent use of bikes and bike lanes, more green areas, communal gardens and parks, more ways to diminish waste and recycle, free widespread access to unregulated internet and localized production are just a few things that hopefully will start to change how we interact and live out our lives in the cities of the future.I am scared but hopeful for the future. There is certainly a change in the air and its up to us the people to make it a positive one.” ~ Leif Podhajsky




Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nino Namoradze




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