Author of concept: Windfor’s

Interior design: “olivedesign” |Nino Kambarashvili, Khatuna Mikaberidze|

Wall art: Giorgi Makharashvili, Irakli Kadeishvili, Beka Zalikashvili

Construction team: Engineer Group |Pako Magradze|

Year: 2015

Location: Georgia, Tbilisi, East Point


Each and every corner of this space is impregnated by the spirit of the crime comedy film by the Coen brothers “The Big Lebowski”. Despite of the fact, that the style of design does not exactly follow any of them, the interior still seems very interesting.

The enormous number of diverse details create the mood full of joy. One of such decorations is the embodied model of the Dude’s dream, which greets you at the entrance. It has a tempting function of developing the mood and desire of gaming and fun in the cozy atmosphere. The underground space is divided into several zones. Auxiliary facilities and the areas for visitors are in the tight connection with each other, though the margin between them is clearly drawn. Nevertheless, with the help of textures and color on the different surfaces the border does not look rough. One of the interesting details from this point of view is the long horizontal window, placed on the entire length of the wall going out from the office mezzanine into the main hall.



The zone designated for billiard and bar is radically different from the bowling space. They are divided with a chain curtain from each other, as this element is an organic insertion for both parts. The mode, color, intensity of lighting is different here as well. The bowling side is white and neon, when the billiard and bar area is filled with an opposite yellow and intimate fading glow. The ceiling is multileveled. The first industrial space effectively uses the visual of uncovered and visible communications, the bowling part on the opposite has a glossy suspended white ceiling. The common and uniting elements for the entire interior are the wall art pieces carefully arranged all over the space, concrete floor, brick texture on the vertical surfaces and a plenty of bright colors.

“Dude Lebowski spends the biggest part of his life in the bowl club. The interior used in the movie is radically different from ours. We intended the atmosphere to be a bit chaotic. Bright, abrupt and non-scaled decoration is a bit disordered, the way the main character of the film is.” – noted designer Nino Kambarashvili during the conversation with idaaf.

The light fixtures have been created for this particular project by the “olivedesign”. The shape and material have been individually fitted to every corner of the interior. The privacy is also provided for the guests of Lebowski. The private zones are logically planned closer to the edges of the club. The only obscure nuance is the wooden finishing of the wall, in the comfort zone, painted green. It can be said, the life was taken away from the wood by this paint. The design of the toilets has been done with no less care, the route to this destination goes through the mirrored corridor.



The separate note should be made about the qualification of the Georgian construction team and their altitude to details. The professional performance of the works in the condition of limited terms.

If we consider the fact, that Goldstein Residence by John Lautner has been used for shooting of one of the character’s house sciences, the Coens do definitely have a good architectural taste. The movie makers together with their film participants would probably enjoy spending time in LEBOWSKI Bowl Club.


F*ck it dude, let’s go bowling



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili




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