In this article IDAAF  present a project , which will not ever be implemented in its actual form, but is much more worthy than a number of realized design ideas. The presented work by Laboratory of architecture #3 is a competition project for renovation of Terekhovoa metro station in Moscow.

“The details about the main shape of the building and civil engineering have been given as a part of competition design task. We did not want just to cover the interior and decided to present it in a conceptual way. The main idea derives from the study of cultural specifics and its context. The Russian people and elite are always separated from one another, they are differed with everything – thinking, culture, etc. The subway is the most public transport, at the threshold of which each human being leaves a part of his own personality and turns into one of the mass forming links. Our concept was to make each feel, that he is an individual.” – says Dimitri Shapakidze, the architect from LA#3, to IDAAF.


“During the preparation of every project we try to move the human on the first place, it can be done by the scale, direct participation or any other possible aspect. In this case, as well as all the other works, we’ve intended to put something special into it, something that would make possible for each person to participate in creating of interior visual and design. This is how the idea of our module has been developed. One side of it is white and other three sides are of different colors, each module can be rotated around the axis, it is attached to, by a full 3600.

From the very beginning, the concept has been developed straightly in the direction of moving a human personality on the first place. Though the transformation of an idea into its physical form took a plenty of time, everyone in the studio was drawing.”




The modules are attached onto the vertical axis and all surfaces of the walls are covered by the rhythmic repeating of the unit. The interior is an ordinary white and clean area when the modules are in their common mode, but each turn of the colored detail gives us a unique image. Each person who enters the metro station can affect the space, the formation of the latter and leave his personal mark in there.

The project is important not only with its visually attractive design, but because of the idea, which presents the individuality of a person as a dominant, gives an opportunity to show itself and participate in creating of the public space and forming of its spirit.


Author of project: Laboratory of Architecture #3

Location: Russia, Moscow

Year: 2015-2016

Information about competition

More about LA #3 can be found here







Author: Tata Alkhazashvili


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