The Georgian designer Nino Chubika, best known for her magical sculptures in clay and her fashion design, has just finished her first interior design project, and she brought her sculptor’s eyes and love of the texture of clay to it. Her client was Kvareli Lake Resort Hotel in Kakheti.

A red clay wall,  with her well known face of Medea sculpted behind the reception desk, the use of black furniture and metal lights create a bold and modern concept with the Kvareli lake on view in the background. The small details are also through: wall decorated with metallic shapes and blue textures matches the wooden coffee tables and the clay pot sculptures bring a reminder of the earth outside to the interior.


Nino writes:

I was asked to remake a space at the Kvareli Lake Resort which had already been designed by the architects. It was a tough brief but I got my inspiration from the natural surroundings which led me to seek to translate the natural exterior harmony into the interior.

I decided to combine objects from different periods of our country’s history so I took slices of the Soviet era – Lamps made in the USSR – and redesigned them. I also used a massive Soviet metal door.  Georgian traditional wine jars and pottery were transformed into sculptures. I also gathered numerous European objects and furniture in second-hand stores and gave them new life.

My ambition was to reflect all of the influences on Georgia from ancient times to now. The objects I chose and combined in this interior are intertwined with stories from our country’s past and present, which is the essential part of storytelling, and provide a clue to the drama that unfolds as you enter the space.




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