I was introduced to Kvachi in 2006 from our mutual friend. Then we were preparing for national entrance exams and it was almost a tradition to meet in the yard of the Academy of Arts in sunny weather. I instantly liked this colorful, positive girl and a great lover of Japanese culture. I remember Mziuri Festivals and her blue hair, alternative music concerts at the Ethnographic Museum, and her photos shot with Zenit camera.

Then came student years, Kvachi was painting, doing illustrations , I’ve always liked her works and even now I usually ask for her advice in design and graphics.

Now, when we are neither students nor have time for fun, Kvachi’s talent has become more evident. Although her personal style is still in the process of developing, still her works already have strong individual traits, refined taste and style , special and “Kvachi-like”.

“My inspiration is in everyday life, weather, books, songs , it’s all my power source , which determines the nature of my work, might it be funny, or melancholic , and sometimes even dark. I have always been particularly enthralled by Japanese culture, history, mythology … I have been watching anime movies since I was a child, later on I moved to manga  (Japanese comics), therefore my works have always had this influence of Japanese culture and perhaps this is their trademark “- Kvachi told Idaaf.

If you look at her work , I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised . This , at first glance, scary-faced creatures, their expressions , emotions, should be aggravating, but in my case it is just the opposite, I see special content and history in each of them, which do not make them frightening at all.  Each and every wire seems to be coming from Kvachi’s Dreams, emotional and intense .

” Night is the best time for me to work. I like the solitude of my room and painting, listening to music and discovering new information . I love remembering my dreams, I have a lot of albums, where I express and sometimes sketch what I have seen. I also paint myself sleeping most frequently, as it seems to me that miracles happen in dreams. ”

This article will introduce you to some of Kvachi’s illustration projects


Kato is a lovely small girl, Kvachi’s daughter, as kind and melancholic as her mom. Kvachi is also amazed by her colorful fantasy world and this illustration series is entirely dedicated to her:

“I love drawing my daughter and chasing after her with a camera in my hands, capturing her cute, little moments. I created an illustration series of “Kato’s world”, showing her little world. ”



“Music and lyrics always was the best inspiration for me, most of my works are based on them. I worked on a “Metaphor” theme, I thought about songs containing metaphors in lyrics, so I illustrated some songs with metaphorical lyrics. The songs are:



” T-shirts “

“I dream of having my own clothing line, I have lots of illustrations made for T-shirts and many ideas for clothing. Unfortunately there is a printing problem in Tbilisi, many Georgian artists prefer to paint with acryl on T-shirts, because there are problems like printing colorful illustrations on dark T-shirts. Hope that this problem will be solved soon. ”


To view other works by Kvachi, visit her page :






Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nino Namoradze



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