Workshop: KONKRET

Tutors: Kuba Ulbrych (DE) Marcos Silva Mirra (DE) Laura Dietsch (DE) Javier Guerra (ES)

Photo: Laura Dietsch


EASA is one of the first main topics for idaaf. Though we have not overviewed it completely this year we can’t miss it entirely. One of our favorite workshops this year is KONKRET – architectural, funky and stylish.

Concrete is one of the best materials of modern architecture and varieties for its usage are almost unlimited – from building of the skyscrapers to the tiny pieces of art. It can be combined with any other texture or material in case the author knows how to use concrete properly.

“KONKRET” concrete lamps, all individually designed and manufactured on EASA-land by some of the bravest and brightest architecture students has enlightened the EASA sites. We have started some exercises introducing the participants to the material of concrete. The participants have then been introduced to lamp design and started experimenting with the other, easier to handle materials. These have been the main tasks during the first week and we have seen a lot of awesome staff hanging or standing around. Then we have gone on seeking the perfect spot(s) and art(s) of intervention. The opportunities were unlimited and have been elaborated, shuttered, poured and installed during the second EASA-week.” – said KONKRET team to Idaaf.

The concept of KONKRET – mixing concrete and light with all the other possible materials and different techniques gave a lively, simple and smart result.



Watch KONKRET in action: and many more of it here:


Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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