How much time do you spend on average studying those objects existing around you? In order to test this, just close your eyes and try to remember the details of your desktop or what is the order of books in the bookcase. If you find this difficult, then open your eyes and observe the things around you, as today we will talk about one of the most important items – chairs. We will introduce 15 different designs and concepts of chairs, which are outstanding due to their  unique nature. You would not come across them in daily life, but their existence has made a great contribution to the history of design and they thus, they enjoy great popularity in the kingdom of chairs.

A simple explanation of a chair is a mobile thing for a person to sit. Along with being confortable, it is desired that chairs are also beautiful and affect our mood positevely. This item was used by pratically everyone throughout the history, people of all origin or social status. With its design and magnificence, it defined its owner as well.

For some people, chair, its design, is a source of inspiration and the ability to express oneself, which makes it more important than just an ordinary everyday thing. This factor is determined by the fact that over the years a lot of designers, architects and artists to created an artwork, which simply can not be called a bench, and they have become works of art in museums and galeries. As a result, those who work in art and design field, ar trying to create such a design of chair, which will find its place in the kingdom. Those who already could achieve this aim, are mentioned in this article. Here you read more about the history and the cult of chairs and benches of the most famous antique and modern artists, who established an important place in history.


1. Hetepheres I Chair

Hetepheres I was the queen of Egypt during the fourth dynasty, about 2500 bc. Her tomb was discovered in 1902 near the pyramid of Giza and the chair is result of studying those excavations. My attention was drawn to one of the features of heteperesis chair–along with being simple, modest and at the same time very elegant, the most important thing is that it is still relevant for the current century and one can come across dimilar design nowadays. This ancient bench, carved in gold and wood, is not overloaded, exists beyond all this luxury and is also sublime and subtle.

2. Ernest Gimson Chair.1895

I first discovred this chair from Van Gogh’s painting and then I explored it more while  the while traveling in southern France. One can come across patent of this chair practically in every cafe and house. Gimson’s work has a quality of being outstanding as it is plane and very well-crafted. At first sight simple, braided, 19th-century surface of this chair kept it popular even in this century.

3.Frank Lloyd Wright Chair. 1902.

Renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright designed this chair of his own design for Ward willits’ house for in 1902. High backrest, with dark wood and leather seating gives a special appearance and splendor to this bench. However, perhaps the most significant is that it accurately reflects a change from the classic to modern design in the twentieth century United States. Refusing decor and demonstrating plain forms is what Frank Lloyd did the best.

4. Le Corbusier Armchair LC2. 1928.

I do not know if you have noticed, but this chair is a star ina lot of films or television shows. What came to my mind is BBC’s “Sherlock”, where where LC2 is the property of Holmes’. Technically it is not a chair, but an armchair, but it is such an important figure, that this article without mentioning it is unimaginable. Corbusier created it in 1928 to create and up to now it remains as a true sensation, especially that the price ranges between $ 3000-5000.

5. Salvador Dali- Mae West Lips Sofa.1938.

Salvador Dali created iconic item based on the lips of his muse, Mae Vesti, but that’s not all – Dali based the whole interior on her face, where eyes were paintings, while nose was the statue-holder. In 1938, five pieces of the -shaped sofa made overall, which were sold at the price of 62,000 pounds and beyond. Studio 65 a started making models based on Dali’s li[s and they went in mass-production, however based on Marilyn Monroe’s lips. Out national one made of plastic, can be found in Lisi Lake lounge as well


6. Alvar Aalto – Fan Leg Stools. 1954.

Alvaar Aalto was a famous architect and his unique vision is observed in his furniture. In these chairs he used Y- shaped wooden pedestals and rugged leather seats. The style is more Gothic and it seems as fluid might fall from the upper part.

7. Eero Saarinen-Tulip Chair. 1955.

Another chair belonging to famous architect. Eero Saarinen’s architecture looks more like sculptures, each building is more impressive than its predecessor. It is hard to imagine more sophisticated design and comfortable forms that this chair possesses. This creature, being on display in New York Modern Art Museum, is made of white plastic, while seats made out of fabric, have a combination of different colors. These two materials and unique forms determined popularity of the chair.


8. Verner Panton Chair. 1960.

This chair is so important in the world of chairs, that nothing more crucial can be imagined. It decorates all the book and magazine designes and practically everything that concerns chairs and generally cult design. Zaha Hadid has these chairs London, his office conference room and workshop and not only Zaha, this chair defines prestige and comfort of any owner. It is worth mentioning that this is the first S-shape molten chair in the world, which was created by Verner Panton with the desgn of architect Mis Van De Roe in 1960. Before that, the architect already had his model which was not mass-produced.

9. Charles & Ray Eames – Time Life Stools. 1960.

It is impossible to to mention Charles and Ray Eames when talking about chairs. Their cult design even now distinctively decorates with various well-known institutions. Time Life Stools are walnut tree chairs that Ray Eames created for Time & Life Building lobby. This design is used both for chairs and low tables.


10. Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni – Allunaggio. 1966.

I discovered Achile and Pier Castiglioni gikomo while writing this article and searching for some information. If you are keen on design, I would recommen getting acquainted with other works of them as well.

Using this chair in the interior might become a kind of trouble, but as soon as you see Achille Castiglioni resting comfortably in this chair in the nature, it immediately gains its charm. Aluminion seat has a function of metal pillars. The original model’s colour is green.

11. Frank Gehry Chair-Wiggle. 1972.

Architects use fantasy not only in building design. Frank Gehry showed he is able to work on small-scale object with this chair in 1972. The chair is made of cardboard, which became popular in 60s, ascheap and lightweight and material for traditional furniture. Still, it could otnot compete with plastic, so Frank Gehry used special cardboard-processing techniques, which allow it to become hard, noise-proof and, most importantly, environmentally friendly materials. This chair is one of the results of the work on this material.


12. Philip Stark -ww Stool. 1990.

Philip Stark’s whole work is one neverending story and it becomes more and more intereting with time. This aluminium chair also looks like an object from another planet with its sophisticated forms. Only one question remains, what will be the next thing Stark will do to surprise us?



13. Kazuo Shinohara – Miss Butterfly.1985.

“Lady Butterfly” is one of the outstanding works of this artist, one of the chairs that you will remember at first sights with its distinctive shape. The colors are characteristic of the author and express his extraordinary nature. Unfortunately, only this photo of the chair is preserved on the internet and nothing else can practically be found.


14. Thomas Heatherwick -Spun Chair. 2010.

Thomas Heatherwick is my favorite architect and designer due to one simple reason: he always offers absolutely different and exciting product, uniqueness of which is determined by his vision of an item, its purpose. which is the object of the uniqueness of the approach vision determines the destination. When Thomas created this chair in 2010, I was being sceptical about it, its function, however when I got a chance to try it, I realised that I was wrong and this professionalism is limitless. This shape in plastic material has one axle, around which the chair turns, however it is impossible to lose balance or fall off it, due to the surrounding frame. Generally, it is a good way of entertainment, has been tested in public space and it all happened in positive and comfortable atmosphere.


15. Peter Opsvik – Globe Garden Chair.2014.

The chair of this Norwegian designer is more a message than a piece of furniture. People turned into sedentary society, whose vision is reduced more and more and they are only focused on sitting conveniently. This chair forces us to ascend it and use some mental force to sit on it. It should be such a hard work, after all, our ancestors did live on trees, didn’t they?




Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English edit: Nutsa Namoradze





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