“Who are we?  We are people of different professions, who have a common hobby, photography and it brings us together. Photography for alternative means self-expression, free and interaction way which consists of our daily routines and activities.

Why come together? Because we need each other’s help, encouragement and support to do what we like most and because that way it’s easier.

How we are starting and where are we heading? November 15,  2015 – The first exhibition of Kaleidoscope. Tbilisi Rustaveli 52. The old cableways lower station. Various topics and nine different glance taken koleidoscope photos, revive abandoned, functionless, nostalgic objectand represents urban planning with another perspective. As the participants we lay out our other, lost unfamiliar side of everyday life. We are now nine but in reality we know that we are much more and more of it. We will remind you the forgotten interests and aspirations; Acquant you with people who may seem to be familiar; Show you the familiar, beloved and forgotten places and all this we will show you in the new way through kaleidoscope.” – This is how kaleidoscope members introduced themselves.

  1. Why kaleidoscope?

Nine people are united in this project and this exhibition. Everyone has a different profession,but the love of photography unites us, this is a common hobby, which represents our spiritual world’s sustenance. Photography manifests itself differently for everyone and a wide variety of genres photos arein this exhibition, as well as various image forms when you look throughkaleidoscope. We called our associationkaleidoscope  and used the same name for our first joint exhibition.

  1. How do you see the importance of photography or photos for society?

It’s a difficult question, with much to talk about in different ways for each of us.First of all it’s still photography and photos that remain in public memory. Catching the private individual or ephocal moment, somehow preserves and inserts glass box, which is linked with eternity-momentary, and a comparison of life and death.Susan sontag’s observation in this regard of twentieth century showed that shots taken in Paris are more surrealistic nowadays, than in the same period of the surrealist work of photographers. Potography is also a tool to create truth and reality for the society, but whether this is endless dispute.

  1. What is your motivation?

To continue this work in the future with the same love and enthusiasm also to work together and join a lot of other people interested in photography. New ideas, photo projects, exhibitions and promotion of amateur photography.



Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Ani Buchukuri





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