Dates: 15-17 May. 2016

Participants: Giorgi Mirzikashvili | Tatia Shavgulidze | Salome Tsopurashvili | Liza NiniaSvili | Nikoloz Mchedlidze | Alex Maghlakelidze | Aleksandre Katsitadze | Tamri Bolkvadze | Ninuca Kakabadze | Lasha Gvazava | Natali Burduli | Giorgi Machavariani | Erekle Didebashvili


IDAAF became a traditional supporter of Kaleidoscope and once again offers you an interesting interview with Tamri Bolkvadze, which will awake even more interest in you of visiting the exhibition. It’s been opened 15th May of 2016 in the building named “Chai Gruzia” at Kostava street number 59 and will last for several days.

–  The Kaleidoscope team has been extended, what was the reason for that and criteria for choosing the new members?

As it was announced, regarding the concept of previous exhibition: we are much more and in far more places actually. Kaleidoscope will be growing and will become even more diverse.

We shall remind you about the forgotten interests and aspirations; introduce you the people, who you thought you knew, from the new point of view; we’ll show you the already known and beloved places and give you the image of all of these renewed with the help of Kaleidoscope.
There are 13 of us now. The ones who joined us share the Kaleidoscope team basic interests and same as us made their best effort for organizing of Kaleidoscope #2 exhibition.

– How would you describe the concept of second Kaleidoscope, what is it mainly focused on?

The idea of the new exhibition did not change. We have chosen the building well-known for everyone and at the same time unknown for many and with our own strength converted it into alternative exhibiting space.

We’ve had a huge list of buildings and spaces, though the final decision was in the favor of the former building of The Ministry of Agriculture.

– The part of the main concept is the revival of old abandoned buildings, why did you attach the architectural aspect to your project and how did you choose the specific location for the event?

All of these happened naturally. From the very beginning we’ve intended to perform our works in the alternative exhibiting space. The challenge of transformation of currently dysfunctional building with our own resources became a great excitement for us and same as Kaleidoscope #1, we want to present Kaleidoscope #2 in the same form.

The more time passes the more our city changes, its architecture changes as well. The buildings and spaces with great stories disappear. Kaleidoscope will do the best to bring to life the remaining locations even just for several days.

– Kaleidoscope #1 was outstanding with its exposition and the determined movement direction of the visitors, which was related with the specifics of building it was held in itself. Are there such details in Kaleidoscope #2?

Yes, of course, the architectural specifics of the building will be considered in this case as well. The buildings chosen by us dictate the exposition themselves.

– When do we expect Kaleidoscope #3?

Kaleidoscope #2 is held within the framework of “KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO” week. When Beso Khaindrava, the founder of “KOLGA” festival, offered us to participate we’ve agreed with great pleasure. We’ve accelerated the events accordingly and made Kaleidoscope #2 just 6 months after the first exhibition. Let’s see how it all develops in future. We know one for sure – there are plenty of ideas and the wish of presenting a future exhibition is huge.




Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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