“Telma DA is Jewelry and Design. It’s a story that tells a possible aggregation of “my two worlds”, Design and Architecture. Always under a very unique and genuine perspective. – Telma Ferreira, the founder of the new brand.

Telma Da is a brand that combines architectural concepts with contemporary design. It is born basing itself on contemporary jewelry. The first intentions of creating this brand occurred in Rome where Telma worked as an architect… When she returned to Porto, Portugal, her sketchbook was taken out of the drawer and thus the “IN” collection was developed for POP´s competition.

IDAAF discovers new artists and brands for you. This article is about Portuguese design and jewelry brand recently founded and based in Porto. Here below follows the very interesting interview with Telma:


– What are materials used in your jewelry?

– The materials used in the existent collections are HPL (high pressure laminate), silver 925 and grosgrain ribbon. Since the inspiration comes from architecture, the concept also bases itself in the use of materials usually utilized in construction.

Even though it is now time to test other materials, the laminate is fantastic to use in jewelry. We can get a visually big piece while still being extremely light.

The connection between architectural shapes and the structure of your works is evident, but the question is what was an exact inspiration for you while starting preparing the concept of your collections, was that any exact building or anything else?

– The inspiration comes from architecture like you said, there is no denying it, but it can comes from every direction. Sometimes, from a whole building, which I plan in a way that each facade makes it into the necklace or earrings. Or, it may just be a small detail, like a window, a pillar or a window frame… or even different lights and shadows created naturally by the sun hitting the buildings’ walls.

All of your collections look like some kind of 3D objects seen from exact angle and perspective, but actually all of them are two dimensional and sometimes layered. What was the most difficult part in achievement of such effect?

– To be truly honest, I do not think that any part is more difficult than the other, I just face it as all components of the process. However, this desire to give a three-dimensional idea in a two-dimensional plan, without making it look “fake” is probably the more complex and time consuming part of the all process.

I’ve noticed you like to shoot yourself, how does it feel for an architect and designer to be photographed?

– I do like it, however, I am never completely at ease. In those photo shoots, I am always either too serious or the complete opposite, making fun of myself by doing crazy faces and other funny expressions! Adding to that, there is also my personal characteristic of not knowing what to do with my hands. That is why I usually have them crossed- it is maybe, my way of gaining confidence.

How many collections have you prepared already and what are your ongoing projects?

– I have three Jewelry Collections: IN, FUSION and MODULE. I also have a collection of just three furniture pieces.

My main focus right now is still contemporary jewelry, however, like musicians, I am on Tour! I look to divulge and promote the brand and concept, which is a bit out of the box. I believe this is the only way to reach more people and all those who are sensitive to Design and Architecture and to those who just enjoy being different. Yeah…. because today it is not always easy to have something different and/or innovative. We live in a world which is too bland.

As of now, I am already designing the new collection, which is not coming out for now. With ease, dedication and a lot of love, so that everything comes out the way I want it. In fact, I must innovate in every new collection. I’m very demanding, so in every step of the process, everything must be the way I pictured it or else the finished product will not come out.

Is Tbilisi, Georgia included into your future plans?

– Yes, without a doubt! In fact I am searching for countries and stores that are open to design and architecture and I see that in Tbilisi. The women are gorgeous and very fashionable… that is not seen in many countries. We are in search of Contemporary Design stores (museums, galleries, fashion stores and design stores) to integrate our product. As a matter of fact, we came in contact with “DOTS” due to the fact that they share our vision. Unfortunately, they only work with local products. It was a pity!


Author of photography: Naked Fotografia by Paulo Moreira

Architectural photographs: Studio – “FG + SG” Fernando Guerra

Models: Micaela Morgado by Models Factory | Joana Gonçalves | Joana Monteiro

I have to mention – Nuno Marinho, my husband, even if he doesn’t have a specific role in the company, he is for sure, my partner in work and life. As an engineer he gives to the company a more rational side that is as important as creativity



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Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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