Architecture/Interior  Design: Surgula Studio


Location: D. Uznadze Str. Tbilisi, Georgia

Status: Under construction

Total area: 1415 sq.m

Planned date of opening: 2018


24 room Jazz Hotel consists of four floors and a functional roof, the premises allocated as listed below:

Level -1: Small conference room, technical floor

Level 1 outdoor: square with water mirror in front of main façade, courtyard

Level 1: entrance hall, staircase, 2 rooms – 1 for disabled, café- restaurant, wine shop, exit to the courtyard, kitchen

Level 2: staircase, corridor, 10 rooms, technical room

Level 3: staircase, corridor, 12 rooms, technical room

Roof level: staircase, terrace



 – It seems the project is a renovation of the old building and a newly seen image of it. How deep did you study its past and what information do you have about it?

–  Besides its age the mentioned building has a status of a cultural heritage, which means that any changes intended to be done with it require a deep and special research. As our goal was to keep the authentic look of the building as much as possible, we have made an art-historian research and gathered material from archive, before starting of design process. This helped us detect the authentic parts and the parts of the building formed as a cause of later invasion. From some point of view our aim was to experiment and offer the society the new vision, which meant the full restoration of the old elements and merging of the modern volumes to them.

 – Which were the parts of the building that were touched the most and least, and why?

– As the project involves the changing of the function and adaptation to it, of course the main changes are related with the planning of internal spaces. This mostly means the arrangement of partitions, though during the works the priority will remain the restoration. There is prepared the project, which gives us an opportunity to renovate the façade professionally, to keep the entrance hall finishing and the brick cladding. There are also planned the reinforcement works. The main changes are going to happen in the inner courtyard side, which will be finished the same way as the new floor. We are facing the issue of finishing very carefully and made a very interesting precedent, by using the traditional ornamented elements. The decorative layer will be made from the white composite material.

 – What was the most important thing while including the new elements into the project?

– First of all we realized, that we had to say a new word in the contemporary architecture of Tbilisi, which would be achieved by harmonization of old and new styles. We’ve taken into account that we had to works in the historical part of Tbilisi and the rough changes could cause a dissonance into existing environment. The new volume will not cause the damage to the building or affect the cultural value of it. On the contrary, we gave the building a new life. The district will become lively and develop accordingly. The changes will fit the district visual and become the harmonic part of the historically formed image.

 – What about parking?

– The hotel will have a small parking from the courtyard side.

 – Think one of the most interesting part of the interior is the staircase, why did you make it as a mesh?

– The stair connecting the fist and the second level is preserved with no significant damages and gives us an opportunity to leave it as it is by holding the very little restoration works. As for the stair which connects the second, third and roof floors, it is located in the same case. There won’t be a physical connection between old and new stairs, but only the visual one, which is going to be light and meshed.

 – What was the main idea while choosing the light units for interior, is there presented the last option in the design?

– All of presented visualizations are the final options. As for the lighting and interior, I’ve tried to be close to the name of the Hotel , not literary but from the spiritual point of view. The light units are scattered, just like Jazz.

 – How much are you involved into the construction process and the supervision?

– The supervision of the project will definitely be done by me, as the main goal is to achieve a high quality, which I think we are going to reach this way.




Author: Tata Alkhazashvili

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