Among Georgian photographers one name always stands out more for me. Nata Sopromadze attracts attention with aesthetic works, diversity of topics and manner of shooting. Particularly notable perhaps is her skill to convey everyday objects and make an impression as if we’ve never seen them before; she grants them a new, exciting life.

Photo series “Invisible Age” presented in this article is one of Nata’s newest works and shows elderly women standing with their backs to us. IDAAF asked author several questions concerning this work.

 – How was the idea for this series and the way of showing women’s age born? What do you think, can this photo series and photography in general neutralize the age, because, for example, women’s faces aren’t visible in these pictures and at some point you can’t even guess their age.

– I attended a ceramic workshop in Tuscany two years ago. Majority of my classmates were elderly women. That’s when I thought for the first time that in addition to social and gender status, age plays a major role in person’s life. Our attitude towards age is very different from what I was met with there. It can be said, that here person’s and especially woman’s life stops at the certain age. It’s very sad. There, In Tuscany, every morning started with an early yoga practice, as it was pre-planned and I thought only me and a couple of my young classmates would attend it; to my surprise, I was mistaken. Every morning I watched old women train cheerfully and thought how impossible it is (with some exceptions) to have a same picture here. In short, this experience made me think about women and age.

At that time I had already begun shooting “death” series and as I started taking photos of gray-haired women, I thought these images too would become part of this big series. However, gradually it became clear that this is a separate, independent project. I realized that when I took a picture of one of the woman in the street, unknown, grey-haired woman, standing with her back to us, blended in the white background perfectly as if she was vanishing, becoming invisible. So I decided to continue this series this way and called it an “Invisible Age”.

 – Why did you take only women’s pictures for this photo series and do they have anything in common? What is the main concept of “Invisible Age”?

– “Invisible Age” is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother; I’ve always remembered her with white hair; she inspired me to take photos of old ladies living in Georgia. This is a series about interrupted life, while still being alive; story about women with half-lives, who exist and at the same time doesn’t exist in our society.

 – What is the feminism for you?

– For me, feminism is associated with the strength of a woman.

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Author: NanukaZaalishvili

English Edit: Meri Khamkhadze



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