This problem does not really concern developed countries, but if we take us, we should really be concerned about the planning problem. The main drawback is exactly the fact that it simply does not exist at all.

Towns and villages are developing on their own, depending on the will of a specific citizen. Everybody starts building where they want, however they want, they are designers as well as architects. The result is evident: no part of Georgia is “presentable from above”. This country of impressive landscapes and views seems so poor from the sattelite, that does not provoke any interest. The reason for this is the absence of a concept plan, the contours and architecture based on which the specific areas have to be developed. There is no control or supervision of placing individual objects in urban space. Due to the irresponsibility of the governing body, the country becomes filled with ugly contours, while lines keep interwining in a vague direction.

Although this article seems a bit “oldish”, with its national negative, still in this post I would like to introduce “desperately chosen” interesting and beautiful plans from different regions of Georgia presented on Google Maps.

Compositions on those photos illustrate that everything is not lost yet, and our tiny country has a potential to look impressive from the air the way it does on the land.



Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English edit: Nutsa Namoradze




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