The story depends on our faith, but still when God created humans, He did not let us see what is happening in the internal organs. However this is the main area where vital processes take place and without those organs we would be unable to survive.
The body is arranged so that the organs which take the main part in our existence are located on the inside. Skin protects it from damaging factors, while bones have the function of supporters. We do not see what’s going on inside, because our body’s internal parts are wrapped in skin, however if any of them misperform, we will realize immediately.
It was the same from the very beginning , all these vital organs, which perform corresponding functions are well-protected, while the organs we use for communication are on the outside. To tell you the truth, they also look much more attractive. Imagine for a moment what would have happened if people had had their internal organs on the display – heart, lungs , intestines … It would be horrible to watch. .
In short, I want to say that the human body is flawlessly organized , everything in its logical place, and this is absolutely inevitable.
The same was in the old architecture, buildings are also living organisms. Think of a skeleton – the same construction, internal organs: lungs as the ventilation shaft, the main power boiler – let’s say a heart , sewer pipes – the intestines, while the facade is the skin. What we saw was the skin with the make-up aka decor , no heart, liver, or lungs on the outside until one day in December 1977 when the world saw a big mystery .
This was when Pompidou Centre was built in Paris, and it was presented to the world with large intestines thrown out. These whole ventilation mines, sewage pipes and internet cables were driven out of the building to the attention of public. The Inside became outside – these two terms, which were untouched became reverse.
The head of this creation were two architects – Mr. Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano. “This building looka a bit strange to me”, I would write, but suppose Paris has not really seen so many shocked people when the I learnt that the building has been completed and it will function in this form. Georgian group of architects was among them. When our French colleagues asked them if they liked the building, they responded that it would look nice when the vaneer would be removed for good (They thought the actual exterior was a vaneer)
Pompidou is located in Paris and it represents a cultural centre. The building includes a modern art museum, library, industrial design and acoustic music center. The same is true for the administration offices, bookstores, restaurants, cinemas and children’s entertainment rooms. Construction took place between 1971 and 1976.
Just as it would be weird to see a person with internal organs out, the effects of opening of the Pompidou Center were long-lasting and there was a non-stop debate about it. The “creepy” authors designed a “perverse” building, a kind of which I wish we could be able to see more often. At the same time the authors should be thanked for not only 25,000 visitors a day, which means that the Centre contributes a lot to the state budget, but also for the fact that they provide insights into the deeper consciousness and prove that not everything is twisted and we should look at things from a new perspective.
Of course , this awareness and change does not by any means concern human bodies, as this issue is untouchable and the dispute is even absurd (for those who do not believe, try attaching your spleen to the ear and see what happens). Still, architecture very much justified this experiment .
Inside and out are notions of place, space is perceived. Some things should be placed inside, others – out, but you can experiment and try to swap places so that you do not really realize whether you are in or out. For example, for my grandmother being on the roofed balcony is already the same as to standing “outside ” and she keeps repeating that I will catch cold, while feel “in”, inside the galaxy in the open air most of all.
You just have to pick a space , a place , and then you will decide whether it is going to be inside or outside or even both. So if you want a change, do it, swap places if it gives you pleasure and do not think even for a moment that this is wrong. Just enjoy your twisted creation.
Don’t touch the organs, though!



Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nino Namoradze




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