Project:  Visitor Center

Location: Kemeri, Latvia

Total Area:  12980 sq.m

Building Area: 530  sq.m

Year: 2018

Status: Competition (Shortlisted)

Team: Nana Zaalishvili, Anna Nutsubidze, Anuki Berianidze

3D Support: Rezi Kratsashvili


From the Author:

“For the Great Kemeri Bog Visitor Center our design aim is to propose a building with an architectural individuality and a strong visual presence.

A dark rectangular shape lays under the pine trees, standing out from the surroundings, marking the gates of the Kemeri National Park. Sharp forms of the building don’t follow any shape you’ll see around and it tries to be unique and different of what you expect in the landscape.

Our concept for the structure is a symmetrical row of five supporting column beams and four different sized boxes placed within them. The exterior of our visitor center would be clad in a painted black, local wood, with concrete supports, molded with wood for a grain effect. Large windows reflect the forest back to visitors from outside, blending the building even more into the surroundings, while still remaining different and contrasting.

The interior of the building is one big shared space. The large windows look out to the forest, and preview what visitors will soon experience. The main attraction for the visitors inside the building is a diorama with the local flora and fauna, with explanations and information of what they’ll find. Pine wood walls and wood flooring offer a warm atmosphere before and after the Great Kemeri Bog adventures.Solar panels, heat and air exchange and thick insulation help the building remain comfortable all year round.

The low impact of using sustainable sourced local wood, not only helps the building thematically fit in with the forest, but ethically too. Showing an Eco-conscious outlook in the construction and design will help visitors think to treat the National Park with care and respect.”



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