Location: Iashvili St., Tbilisi, Georgia

Area: 85 m2

Year: 2019-2021

Photographs: Guram Kapanadze

From the architects:

“The Iashvili Apartment is located in Sololaki, an historic part of Tbilisi in a building dating from   the early 20th century which once belonged to the French Consulate. In Soviet times it was converted into multi-apartments, although the original façade was retained. The main changes were to the interior. 

Inspired by 20th century Tbilisi, ‘Iashvili Apartment’ is a modern continuation of the character of this century-old building. It echoes the aesthetics of the building and the new interior connects the old with the comforts of modern living. Authentic, floral decorated balconies offer a view of Mtatsminda mountain, which adds to the character of this historical district of Tbilisi.

The renovation process began with the dismantling of the partition walls constructed in different periods to return the apartment to its original appearance. A kitchen, dining room and living room were designed as one open space, where several activities can take place simultaneously and allow for shared experiences. During the works, the main idea was to restore the original details. The interior wooden shutters were repaired and restored along with the bedroom door and the decorative cornice on the ceiling. The walls are painted white to intensify the abundant light in this high-ceilinged apartment. Essential furniture such as kitchen, cupboards and wardrobes are fully integrated with the walls to limit the formation of extra surfaces. The white walls contrast with the natural oak floor, which is a muted background for the specially selected furniture and decorative items.

The master bedroom and its bathroom are the only rooms in the apartment that are not white. In the process of restoration, the strong color and texture of the original wallpaper inspired a different idea on which future design of the room was based. In particular, the orange, faded texture of the old walls was balanced with the wallpaper from the House of Hackney which covers the dividing wall to the bathroom. It has been designed so that the contour of the bathroom and wardrobe doors is almost invisible, which ensured the spatial unity of the room. The color scheme of the bedroom is repeated in the interior of its bathroom in orange and black, with marble square tiles covering the floor.

The interior uses furniture designed by Idaaf architects: ELEMENT Dining Table and PIALA Coffee Table in the common area; DROP Side Table in the master bedroom and wall lamp DAL in the guest bedroom.” – Idaaf Architects

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