Georgian architect and designer Giorgi Papaskiri is working on a new project, a residential house in Tsavkisi, which will be a summer house at the same time. As he said, the project needed logical approach and every construction detail had to be taken into account.

The main task for the architect was to adjust project to the existed relief and to find the right constructing solution, as ground works would be too expensive. The author claims that it’s completely unacceptable to ignore the site and just create some meaningless forms and Utopian spaces, which are completely out of context. In this case, the architect found the best option for the site and created pile foundation.

-Each project should be approached individually, inspiration comes from environmental portrait, while economical issues must also be taken into consideration. After optimizing and finding the simplest solution everything should be translated to architectural language and adjusted to customer’s will. 

While working on a project he drew attention to house position, so that, it’s open to Tbilisi and Caucasian mountains specific panoramic views, which turned up a complex task.
Most of the facades are covered with basalt stones, materials like glass block and rusty metal plates are used as well. Project is as minimal as possible, but still such an ensemble of materials makes it visually effective.

Concerning the interior design, the architect completely ignored balconies, the light enters the house though wide windows, that are 1 meter above the ground level. Interior and exterior spaces seem to merge when the windows are open, and that allows habitats to completely feel the place. The architect seems to bring more light by creating wide windows.

The project is under construction at this moment. We will end the article with architect’s words of wisdom:

-Creating a space, where people wake up, live, relax, read and laugh at the same time is a huge responsibility. So I’ll never stop striving towards the nature, the sun is inspiration itself and each project should follow the sun. This will put in order the urban horizon, which has become the biggest pain for our city recently.


Author: Tamta Jugashvili




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