Architects: Henning Larsen Architects

Landscape Architects: ManMadeLand

Local Architect: DMark

Area: 25000 m2

Project Year: 2011


From the authors:

“The new Agobili Hotel at the spa resort Abastumani in the Georgian mountains offers its visitors tranquility and luxury at the southern slopes of the Lesser Caucasus. We just broke ground on the construction.

During the 19th century, the Abastumani spa was famous as a place of physical and mental rejuvenation not only for the Tsar family but many health tourists. Comfortable temperatures in summer, breathtaking snow-covered landscapes in winter and the overall moderate climate of the Otskhe River Valley offer the ideal environment for wellness, refuge, and renewal.

The hotel design draws from this heritage and fosters a new vision of health and natural connection. The building concept visualizes the three main elements – the mountain, the forest and the sky. Together with the local heritage, the building design aims to create a story about the magnificent place it inhabits.

Construction of the Agobili Hotel started in summer 2018 and we expect it to open in 2020. The design is based on our winning competition entry from 2011. Made with ManMadeLand, Elmar Nagele, and DMark, and commissioned by Redix.”



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