Project: Hostel  Pinn

Author: Studio +-

Total Area: 150 sq.m

Location: M. Lermontovi str. Tbilisi

Year: 2017


New Hostel Pinn opened in Tbilisi, Lermontovi Street. Architects duo, Studio +- worked on the project. Elisabeth ZautaSvili and Nato Bagrationi are young Georgian architects, who appear on the design scene not too long ago. Their interiors are remembered with its airy spaces, always decorated with plants and a round, smooth mirrors.

While working on the project first design changed few times, but as authors say to Idaaf, final result is what they wanted. Hostel includes three rooms with 3 beds and bathrooms, lobby, Kitchen, dorm and lobby for them and two bathrooms.

Authentic doors, as well as typical Tbilisian balcony, curved brick ceilings, arches and ther décor are maintained. It’s worth to notice that part of the furniture was designed by Lizka and Nato too.


“In our work we try to combine the functionality and esthetics: we use environment friendly materials to create a harmonious mood, which is the relationship between the human and the nature. We try to create spaces with lots of sun, air, plants, bright colors and other elements from nature. Their unity creates an environment, which I think the people in the city are in need. “- Studio +-




Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili



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