Today IDAAF introduces young and talented painter Gucho Khositashvili.

Artist was born in Tbilisi; he discovered his talent for painting in young age and nowadays art is integral part of his life. After graduating from school Gucho continued studding at the Academy of arts, architecture faculty; mastering painting he began a little bit later and after that mainly creates oil paintings.

He is not a follower of some specific style; His creations are combinations of several, rather than one particular style. He can’t distinguish one favorite painter; likes drastically featured individuals and thinks that artists should admire more than one painter. He likes natural textures most of all, such as moss or soil, but can’t name favorite one because there are many of these.

When starting to paint, Gucho hasn’t thought in advance what he’ll create; he pays close attention to painting process and only when nearing its logical ending does he realize what was the deal, what drawing was being created.

Young artist had participated in numerous competitions and projects. Together with his friends he created restoration-reconstruction project of Bagineti, which took second place in the competition. In 2001 he participated in Lidotse, competition organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and took first place for the best work. In 2010 and 2012 he participated in Rokycany Biennial held in the Czech Republic, where he presented his oil paintings.

Gucho’s creations are distinguished for its simplicity of colors, honesty, he exactly tells us his thoughts, emotions; he lays everything on display and is not afraid to show public his true face. Paintings selected for this article are close to abstract expressionism.

“Mona Lisa locked in the studio has no value” says artists and intends to have a personal exhibition in the future; he’ll collect all his work and let the audience enjoy his new drawings. He also plans to create series about several subjects.

IDAAF addressed Gucho with couple of questions:

In what technique do you work?

As for technique, with time it changed multiple times, depending on the texture I was working with. I work in graphics, because in art school I was majoring in graphics. Pencil and black pen remain my inseparable friends till today. In the Academy of Arts I was studding on architecture faculty. Later I started drawing, when it as a subject was canceled. Always wanted to work with oil paints, I learned the technique shortly after and till today I paint with oil.

Whose influence can be felt in your works?

My creations are very subjective. The thing, which leads to creating a drawing, of course, is inspired by something; it might be emotions gained from music, everyday interaction with people, connecting with nature and many more. As for the artist influence specifically, dare I say, my paintings do not seem to have an impact anymore.

What do you think, why do you stand out from others?

Maybe because I don’t paint for popularity. The process of painting is more important for me than the result, this is a necessity and not a given thing; first of all, I’m not deceiving myself and offering audience another, well-wrapped “fast-food”; I don’t crave 15 minutes fame like Andy Warhol. I have an inscription on one of my graphic paintings that says that artist should be killed for the lie in his creation.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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