Famous architectural website designboom.com published an article, where we read that Graft Architects won the competition for Rose Revolution Square in Tbilisi and soon said space will be introduced to residents with modified design. It will become favorite place for fans for recreation, walking and public activities.

Rose Square is one of the few public spaces in our city. It has a big potential within the development of the city for its good, convenient location, but, so far, is only used for parking space. Graft architects won the competition and have the rights to transform this place, 8000 square meters. According to the project design construction will have several levels and distinct areas. Its center will be an amphitheater for performances. Also it will be connected to the already existing underground complex, passageway to the hotel will be made too. This folded surface seems like floats above the ground, which is quite original. The form of the construction really well represents city’s topography too.

Created space will be grate for opening restaurants, cafes and other places like them. Sunken gardens will be places for rest and relaxation for walkers. After project’s completion square will become space for public gathering, citizens will enjoy it greatly.

Turns out “Silk Road Group” is working on rehabilitation and rebuilding project of the Rose Square. Representative of the group, while talking with IDAAF, said that several architectural companies took part in competition and Graft Architect was revealed as a winner. Should be noted that presentation submitted by the company isn’t final version of the project. Negotiations and works about final project are in progress between Graft Architect and Silk Road Group.


Representative of Silk Road Group, Ani Tsabadze talked with IDAAF:

“Parking space in front of the hotel Radisson belongs to Silk Road Group. In the end of 2015 group held a closed competition to improve this place, where several foreign and Georgian architectural companies participated invited by the group.

The goal of the competition was to give the space public meaning, so it would become gathering spot for citizens and guests of the capital. From the sketches presented by the contestants, version made by “Graft Architects” was revealed as the winner, because their way of solving the problem seemed the most interesting and acceptable.

Despite the fact that renders published on various web pages are just sketches and they will be changed many times until the final version is made, group plans to continue working with “Graft” in this direction.

On the next stage it’s planned to refine the project by closely working with its creator, company who made General plan, various experts and architectural department of the City Hall.

The completion date and investment funds are not finally determined yet.

As for the cable car, building of which was stopped several years ago, Silk Road Group doesn’t have information about it, it’s City Hall’s competence.”


Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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