Jan Kalab is a Czech master of graffiti. He was born in in Czechoslovakia 1978. His solo exhibitions in various galleries are held today, but he as a street artist has gone through all the levels to be a real street artist.

Graffiti was not to be seen in Soviet space, but in nineties when the country was opened for western influences he interested in graffiti writing, became one of the pioneer of the local scene and founded graffiti writers crew DSK.

Graffiti writing is a hard work, means sleepless nights, the high walls hung on the wall, spray painting, and competition under nickname.

Jan Kalab began writing as a Cakes and did the first traditional graffiti on the walls of buildings in the Czech. After he pushed his new way and did 3D, non-traditional graffiti writing in 2000 in New York under nickname Point. He sized huge letters and hung them on the top of high buildings. This time, the light of day, without the use of spray and competition will abundantly.

Around the same time he earned his Master of Art in the Academy of fine Arts in Prague. Began using acrylic paints and brush onto the graffiti-sculpture on canvas since 2007. Jan Kalab had his first solo exhibition in 2008 in Prague, other solos took place in Romania, Argentina, Germany, United States.

With time his forms became more geometric and colors more colorful in order to express depth, motion and time. Kalab is currently showing a new series of works called Tension at BC Gallery in Berlin. Here, the planet earth is presented as a sphere itself, which has been constantly shifting and changing. The exhibition is an extension of artist’s overall narrative about the relationship between this naturally occurring tension and our everyday day life.

The artist is very invested in collective events. Once he realized the huge canvas needed to be carried by other people his work became as a social project. He is the co-creator of a highly dynamic cultural space in Prague, called Trafacka.

Consists of drawings and 3D geometric figures. Here the earth is represented as a spherical motsemuleba, which is constantly changing and skhvaperdeba. This is the artist’s response to the secretly got in touch, that exists in our everyday and constant variation in the Earth.


Author: Dodochi Gogia




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