Giorgi Chkheidze presented his series of new artworks “As It Is” in the ArtArea Space and it is organized by “One” Gallery. Drawing techniques, themes, colors – by this exposition artist once again emphasized his style and direction in art. The large size canvases with sharp techniques of performing leave the impression of the prints, but well-observed eye will notice George’s pedantic and pure hand painting style.

The New and kind of refreshing detail of the exhibition is a large size installation, which brings nature in the space and is a combination of stones, water and plants. These stones are familiar to the construction sites, but in this exhibition space George has presented these dusty pieces more attractive than they actually are.

The exhibition features small pieces of work that can be added to the overall exposition. If large drawings represents the core of the exhibition, the small works can be imagined as a practice before the big size canvases were made.

Idaaf asked few questions to Giorgi:

 – George, one of the most interesting detail in your work is the technique of performing. The depiction of the image is so clear and perfect most viewers think that it is printed image. How did you find this technique of drawing and is it the most comfortable expression for you?

– I’ve tried many things in the beginning of my career; I was drawing everything with anything. It was not a deliberate search for something special; it was a process where I was trying to close to my favorite drawing technique.  In the end it turned out that I was doing only that style and that’s when I created the first series of “Metaphysical Landscapes”.


 – Your installations are the least known and in this particular exhibition. It was a surprise to see such a large and brave visualization. Why did you decide to put nature so actively together next to these artworks?

  – Thank you for this question. It’s important for me. If you look at my notes or sketches, you will see that I am working on an installation ideas on almost everywhere. This form of expression is closer to me. I just had to focus more on drawing, I wanted to get to the end. Now I think that I can move step by step into the Installation fields. Let’s see what it will be, but I know exactly that in the next exhibition, which is scheduled in September, very large installation will be presented.

Oh, and about the Nature? You know People asking for miracles to believe in something, for me this miracle is Nature.I won’t even start to tell you how much influence and inspiration it gives to me.


 – Your work has always been distinguished with the freedom of thought, you’re not trying to combine your art under a certain worldview and then talk about how “deep” it is. Is this a pre-calculated technique if you think it’s easier to convey your creativity?

  – My main purpose in these drawings is that I leave a space where people can think about what they want and see what they see. These works are only a visual experiences and that’s all. In this series I also want to say that this visual and other optical sensations are also important, and only the subtle text is not enough. In modern times a lot of artwork is created and very often, the creators work hard on these intellectual texts and concepts to justify their reasoning.

You enter somewhere in the “shiny” gallery, read all these “deep” texts, try to understand, but there’s only simple blue line on the artwork and you realize that it’s nonsense. “Blue Line” can’t really be art, and it’s really hard to make it philosophical or deep. It’s unbelievable for me to create such a complex art at this quantities how nowadays people think is created.

We all have seen such works and I’m sure everyone thought about it. It’s just that people often try not to mention it straight away. Artists think that their work won’t be valuable if the explanation is not attached to their works and quite often all this is really funny.

I started thinking about this series in this way. Conceptually, it is also important for me that I can create something that does not mean anything. That’s just what I’ve done and it’s a lot for me.

And yet, people do not really care about your thoughts, philosophical depths and intellectual range. They are interested an in need of show. Humans are even more important, because you are human yourself and there is no art without a human.

  – For me personally, your works are a very nice colorful designs that fits in the interior very well. They’re reflecting something not very specific and definitely have their own mood. Actually today, only these things can be enough to create modern art. How do you see your work and what style are they?

– The only thing that is necessary to create art is that the artist does not lie. If my art belong to something, it’s probably minimalism and conceptualism.


From the curator:

As it is/ ისე, როგორც არის  presents Giorgi Chkheidze’s paintings and works on paper depicting nothing concrete. We can see them as visual experiments and at the same time it is related to the simple and complicated natural forms, which sometimes we see with naked eye, through microscope or telescope. With his special technique, chkheidze is spraying colours on different  surfaces (canvas / paper). As a result we got unusual pictures, where we can’t notice paintbrush or other trace of artist. But compositions aren’t chaotic, there are created micro worlds with little forms and repeated geometric elements.

Presented works beside different points of view and colour changes,  are characterized with different materials and contrast size of paintings and works on paper.  Same colour, surface sensation, shape has different impact in each picture. Connections, similarities and differences show us how varied and limitless can be range of impressions of minimalist forms. For an ant a piece of  rock could be the peak… little lake could be an ocean for other life forms…

Small size paper works are camber, comfortable, whereas large paintings leave the sense of infinity. Standing in front of the picture you can see and feel the substances, which are unavailable in everyday life, you can touch/feel such space, which is depicted realistic but it is unreal or untouchable.

Small scale landscape – Installation created with natural materials makes the world and viewpoints presented in paintings and works on paper sensible, as if we flow with parachute, we were in the airplane or spacecraft, we have chance to see the earth from sky. On the wall projection of microorganism pictures shows the minimalist and extremely close distance, which humane can observe. To look at them, we also need additional technical equipment, as in case of viewing far, abstract  pictures from the sky. When looking on paintings and graphic works this experience and many parallel thoughts and associations jump up in the mind and also makes parallels with artists past life experience from photography, media and medical spheres.”


 The exhibition will last until July 14.

Curator: Mariam Loria.

Organized by Gallery “ONE”.


Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili




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