Nutsa Nadareshvili ( was born and raised in Tbilisi, she finished academy of arts as an architect and continued studying for her masters in Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands. Besides her architecture studies she says she was always attracted to fashion and accessory design. As long as she remembers, nutsamade her own brooches, bracelets and necklaces.?Last couple of years she becameinterested in transparent materials: glass, pvc, organic glass.This fascination started withmaking models for the architectural studies. Beautiful idea of a hard material, which is completely see-through, like it is there, but at the same time – it’s not, captivated her. One day this obsession turned into a DIY project: She found a transparent pvc material in the hardware store, while shopping for a household materials, and decided to experiment with it. This is how she made her first Ice clear “Ghostbag”.

“Whenever I went somewhere, I got lots of compliments and questions about the bag I was wearing. At one point my friend, who has a high fashion store in Rotterdam asked me if he could sell them at his store. This is how it all started. Soon I got a request for a colored version of “Ghostbags” from the customers of the store, I did a little research on the material and started experimenting with colored PVC. It is funny, but the colored strips of pvc are manufactured and used for welding, woodcutting or meat factory doors. Therefore, they only come in certain sizes and certain colors. The design of the folding for the material is the consequence of this conventional sizing of the material. Such a non-fashion material, I love the fact that I could flip its purpose with 180 degrees” – Said Nutsa to Idaaf.

The concept of the bag is the idea that “Ghostbag” frames and displays your everyday items like an art. All bags are handmade by Nutsa at her apartment in Rotterdam: one by one.

“I cut the PVC, make holes in it and fold it into a bag. The work is rather time and energy consuming, and I can only make 2-3 bags a day.”


Idaaf asked few questions to Nutsa:


-???????What is a good bag?

-?????? ?For me a good bag is a beautiful object. A beauty of course is a matter of opinion. People like different things and we shouldn’t argue about the taste.


– ? ? What?shouldn’t? you?put in this bag?

– ? ? I think you can put ?ANYTHING in the Ghostbag. Just arrange it nicely. Composition and?the color is the key.


– For whom are these ?bags intended?

– I see a young, hip artist wearing my bag. I design it as a minimalistic object.It almost?doesn’t exist, without everyday content it’s not even visible. I think people following minimalistic, Nordic trend can appreciate this idea.


– ? ? What are you working on now?

– ? ?Right now I’m working on the design of a belt. It’s going to be made of pvc with?detachable compartments. Hopefully, It will be a staple for a slouchy winter sweaters, synchingthem to show off the figure


– Tell us about your future plans.

– To be honest I don’t think about it. I’m waiting to see how it is going to go and?make conclusions and plans on the way.


– Do you have a bag collection?

– ?No, I only wear my Ghostbags: mostly Ice clear or Ocean blue. I do not collect?anything.





Author: Anano Maisuradze




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