Ghost Chair” by Keti Davlianidze and Gigi Shukakidze |WUNDERWERK| was created for Claudio Vagnoni exhibition which will be held in Rome, September 2016. Claudio Vagnoni is an interior designer and a professor of Academy of Fine Art of Rome, who lives and works in Italy. Vagnoni has held workshops and master classes in Georgia.

The used materials are white plastic chair, textile and concrete: the chair was covered with a textile saturated with concrete which resulted into petrifaction of the silhouette. Then the chair got rid of the produced form and the only thing left was the space created by the chair itself. Size: 44X44X88.

According to the authors, “Ghost Chair” is a reevaluation of a mere white plastic chair – “its reformation without its existence”. “When working, may it be on buildings or furniture, I’m trying to reduce form on its initial, primitive value” – says Gigi Shukakidze.

Though the idea of the authors was just a reevaluation of a mere plastic chair, the result is a sculpture-like dynamic object which seems to possess a character and consciousness like a human being.


Author: Nuka Zurashvili




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