The fact that a person’s character or human nature might be defined based on their signature has been the subject of a research for quite a long time. Analysis depends on many factors, including the size of letters, writing angle, whether the letters are on the whole illegible or each letter is legible on its own. According to these characteristics, one can judge about whether a person is assertive or spontaneous. For example, if the signature can be clearly read, all letters are equally big and pointed out and if the signature itself is also big enough, then this person wants to be prominent and memorable. The author of such signature most probably believes that what he wrote was very important and worth considered. Short, illegible signatures indicate that the author is an introvert. Of course, the same person’s handwriting and signature might differ as well. Hasty handwriting might reflect your real face, while the signature might create a completely new, differentiating feature.

There is a novelty in the collection of Georgian fonts. Under National Center of Manuscripts’ project “Fonts of Public Figures” it has been made possible to develop unique fonts based on the handwriting of 10 different public figures. Turning the manuscript of public figures, artists, writers into new fonts is not a novelty, however this step is highly crucial for raising public awareness as well as increasing the publicity of those authors.The fonts are available to anyone being interested. You can find and install these fonts completely free of charge from the following website: 

Considering the fact that Georgian alphabet is one of the 14 existing alphabets worldwide, its publicity is still pretty low, therefore we have to try and promote it, its new design and different variations. Georgian designers are always complaining that Georgian font, partly because of the complexity of its shape, does not allow the creation ofa new outline and therefore is not diverse. However, we believe these examples of Georgian fonts might become an inspiration for them.

At the same time, I would like to use this post to refer to the misunderstanding that has been created around the National Center of Manuscripts and highlight the important work that they have undertaken, which is taking care of Georgian and not only Georgian manuscripts. This is the centre through which it has been made possible to create a database which is so significant for the promotion of Georgian alphabet.

As for the public figures whose hand writings have been selected, you will guess very easily by their identities based on famous quotations.



Author: Tata Gachechiladze

English Edit: Nutsa Namoradze




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