Georgian designer George Keburia, who works for Materiel Atelier at this moment, is someone who I would describe as a diligent person; everything achieved is because he has this never ending enthusiasm that is so rare in Georgian society.

I want to talk about the new collection. Materiel by George Keburia, which was introduced during Tbilisi Fashion Week, according to Spring-Summer 2015 tendencies.

Everyone who were there waiting for show to begin was very emotional, looking for models to start the runway… thinking whether they’ll describe the feelings that George has put into this collection.

And.. #1 , amazing silhouettes, fabrics laying so shamelessly on each other, pure and simple touches. One thing that added the scent was of course head bands which were on models eyes, it represented women rights abuse in Georgia. I don’t think there was someone who did not get the message of this perfectly organized show. As for me, I could not take my eyes off the creations; partly happiness was flying over my head, because I knew how every single detail was important to George and how much effort was put in it.

Collection itself was represented in black, this trace of it made it look even more elegant. All I hear from people is that Georgian designers never experiment and mostly decide their clothing in dark tones, but this was not the case. Silently added white fabriques, over crossed outerwears, looked so fit. Because of these multiple touch ups, collection looked so mesmerizing.

All those cut out minimalistic blouses were magnificent, having this womanish spice added to it.

Can’t help myself from keep talking about one of the main parts of this collection – SHOES! Little bit of Margiela, little bit of Yohji and a lot of George Keburia. Is this even possible not to mention that marvelous piece of leather, contours and delicate linings.

Even though we did not discuss this topic with George, I think collection had a Japanese scent, as if clothes are making you to wander around little cities while “Sakura”. After all this is how it is supposed to be while showing Spring-Summer 2015.

If someone still hasn’t seen this collection, I would highly recommend taking a look at it now.



From our side comes an interview based on short answers from George Keburia himself.

Enjoy folks


 Who is the most influential designer for you?

– Nicolas Ghesquiere

 What was the main aspect of your collection?

– One of important aspects on collection as I think was headbands that were on models eyes, which was kind of tying it all together


 Where do you see yourself in the future?

– In future I imagine myself in the same sphere, probably more successful


 Who is your style icon?

– Marie AmelieSauve for now I would say


 Did anyone had any influence on your taste/in development of your designing career?

– Favorite designers and my love to fashion


 Which character of a book is closer to your inner side?

– I don’t really read books


 When inspiration comes to you do you sketch them up immediately or do you prefer to make it more detailed in your mind and then start doing them?

– I never make sketches and I’ve regret it often, sometimes some ideas just slip away from my mind, because I prefer to recreate it in my mind first and then put it on the paper


– Did you ever had the case when you did not like the final look of your work?

– Yes, sadly. It happened in past, I think, because of not having enough experience. Everything comes by time, practice and knowledge.


– Which fashion sites do you visit mostly?

– and Dazed&Confused/; I am a frequent user of instagram and this is where I gain new infos.



– Tendencies or freedom?

– No one is free from tendencies, everyone tries to follow them up, some of them try too hard, some not. Tendency is a fashion clock, which never stops.



Author: Anano Maisuradze

Photo: George Sarishvili-Wazovski, Kote Bolkvadze




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