Exhibition named “Georgian Modernist Architecture 1955-1990” was opened at 21st of November in exhibition center Expo Georgia, by the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia and takes place in the frames of the European Heritage Days.

Research was made by Rusudan Mirzikashvili, Irina Tsuladze and Nano Zazanashvili


Lecture was held by Levan Kalandarishvili.

Exhibition Managnemt: Culture and Management Lab

Project Coordinator: Tamar Janashia

Supported by: Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, National Archives of Georgia, Georgian Public Broadcaster

The Georgian culture, art and architecture of XX century went through lots of processes with local and world significance. It used to fight and obey, protest and agree. The architecture created in the second half oflast century, to be more precise – itslogical extension is supposed to be our actual state and the present day, but it is not so. In the country, where the urban planning which could give the right way for development of the cities does not exist at all, it makes no sense to talk about architecture.

The period of development of the world modern architecture matched with the Communism era in our country. In conditions of any government there exist some restrictions and limitations, but can you imagine what a huge effort was required to design such buildings and especially for realization of these projects in the period when rules are fully given and controlled by the government.Despite the fact that majority of architects acknowledges modernism as our cultural heritage, no one cares about it in fact. This buildings are mostly either changed or demolished.

Much less number of people had attended LavanKalandarishvili’s extremely interesting lecture, than I expected. It’s a pity, that such a small group of people is interested in collecting and researching of this period. Glad, that the first attempt was successful!

For those who were frightened by rain or for some other reason was not able to visit the exhibition and listen to the lecture, we present the material collected especially for the exhibition by Irina Tsuladze, Nano Zazanashvili and Rusudan Mirzikashvili. Remarkably beautifulmodernist buildings with their general big and individual small stories.




Author: Tata Alkhazashvili





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