“In the Soviet regime in Georgia, architects had to use their wits to find a way to create unique designs given the strict controls in place. Alongside the large scale buildings designed to order, architects used their vision to create unique, small architectural objects. One was the iconic Georgian architect Giorgi Chakhava (1923-2007). His building Ministry of Roads (now the Bank of Georgia HQ) completed in 1975 still is one of the main landmarks of Tbilisi.

When I was studying Chakhava’s archive in 2017 what caught my attention was ‘Construction Element’ – his concrete invention, in which he used very basic shapes, to create various, striking structures. The shape of the ‘Construction Element’ has inspired my own design work.

The exhibited furniture  is made with wood and stone. Some of them were realized during my residency in Farm Cultural Park, Favara, Sicily, others were made for Tbilisi Art Fair by ‘Kamara’ Stone with Unique Georgian stones – Diabazi, a unique, green colour comes from Kazbegi; Bazalti is dark gray and typically found in Bolnisi and Marneuli. Two more stools in wood assembled in different form were exhibited in Project ArtBeat booth Tbilisi Art Fair as well.

As the world keeps changing so does architecture. We must never forget the lessons to be learnt from the past and the masters whose works began it all. That way we can give them new life, and take new journeys in architecture.” – Nanuka Zaalishvili



Special thanks to:

Goga Beridze – an Architect who worked with Giorgi Chakhava on various projects using the ‘Construction Element’.

Gia Chakhava – For permission to use family archive photos.

KAMARA Stone – For sponsoring and making the installation Stone Stools.



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