In 2006 design group Front created an animal collection for Moooi and the work hasn’t lost its actuality since. You can find them in all kinds of interiors, from private apartments to exhibition spaces.

Front is a Swedish design group; their work is experimental, bold; they’re not afraid to challenge the audience. Group members Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren are engaged in creative process from beginning to end and try to present a story with their products. Moooi’s co-founder Marcel Wanders approached them to create furniture and lightning collection and the result was immediate.

Front’s animal collection consists of a pig-shaped side table and full scale models of a horse and a rabbit with lamps on their heads. Working on this type of furniture entailed some risks; it could earn approval from the public, or be severely criticized and forgotten forever. In this case, it seems that designers’ risk was justified. Ten years later it’s still part of the most distinctive interiors.

It should be noted, that the group worked with sculptor and created animal models from black polyester, supported by a metal frame inside; lamp was made from black cotton and silver material.

These sophisticated and elegant figures are universally popular, they are on covers of many magazines and their copies are sold in different countries. This is why dots were added to the animals, so they could be distinguished as the original products of Moooi.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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