Exhibition of artist Andro Eradze opened on October 11th at Chaos Concept Store and hosted visitors for one week. Works titled  were displayed in a yellow space and represented a colorful explosion of a night sky. Photographs had a wooden frame and their “protecting” glasses were broken, that created effect, as if the noisy fireworks erupted from the image.

                “Photography is a medium that explores both the environment and the people in it, but also those who reflect it.”

 In Georgian photographic reality there are not many experimental or contemporary approaches, where the photograph has an opportunity to become more than it is, this was the opportunity I wanted to use in the exhibition, where both the image and its creating and applying methods would be equally important (In this case, the color of the space, individually made and broken glasses).


– How differs this exhibition from your other works?

– Fireworks is one of the recent works which is the most tied series, there’s only light imprinted on it and with the diversity of the colors became compositions in this exposition.

In this case the main challenge was to give the light opportunity to better present itself and to leave non-typical interpretation space between visitor and creation.

This exhibition is one of the series I worked on for the last one year. I decided on the solo photo exhibition because of yellow room in the Chaos Concept Store, which has the same texture and energy as the series; it can be said that photo series “fireworks” was created especially for this room. The idea and the concept, in this case, are based on the content of photography and presentational opportunities.

 – What are the most important issues to you at this point?

– Given that any object, space, people, event and etc. can be important for a human, any topic and approach can become subject of my perspective. More interesting thing is transformation of these issues, places and persons into exhibition space or even series.


English edit: Meri Khamkhadze


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