A two-week workshop on experimental books was conducted in Tbilisi and a number of interesting artists participated in it. The idea originated from the members of “The Book Art Center”, who were interested in working on such alternative books and sharing their experience with those who are also involved in this field.

The two-week workshop was announced on Book Art Facebook page after which 8 participants were selected based on their portfolio and motivation letter. The first week of the workshop was devoted to the introduction of generally experimental book sand their specifics, establishment of individual ideas. Each participant chose a topic of interest and concern. Following this stage, the participants began to research their topics in terms of visual material (photos, illustrations, collage) as well as parts of text(Interviews, information from the Internet).

After using the collected material and converting it into digital mode, the participants began studying basic tools of Photoshop and Indesign so that they could work on their books.

Finally, as the workshop finished, an exhibition was held at the Exhibition Gallery Container, where the visitors were introduced to those eight participants’ works, presented in the form of printed books and saw photo material depicting the working process.

This article presents the work of some participants.

Project curators and organizers: Nini Khuroshvili, Giorgi Jincharadze, Khatia chitorelidze



“Guardians” – Nino Kvachadze KvachiArt

“I came up with this game in my childhood. I used to create a variety of creatures, monsters and ghosts and place them in different places in the city, homes and buildings. I used to image them and design their physical appearance, age, mood, character … Time and time again, I still play this game. ”



“Do not believe the fairy-tales” – Marie Lebanidze

“My book is about those things that are associated with Tbilisi for me. Here are some buildings, monuments, food, clothing, other items … I altered all of these in a totally new way, in a fairy-tale way.  This can not be real now and will never be either. I have written different stories about each of them and they are at the end of the book so that you can take them and match the illustrations. It is all about my imagination and I wanted to show the people how to color the city in their mind as well. On the other hand, in the book you will find a lot of sarcasm about the people’s attitude to food in this city, also how quickly the news spreads and how everyone gossips, who was doing what last night. The book also raises problems, which I tried to depict humorously so that I could make people leave their comfort zone.

Anyway, if we disregard all of the above-mentioned, the purpose of this book is to lead you into a fairy-tale and put you in the mood that will help you customize your own city. What this will bring to an individual reader, depends only upon them”.




“Am I a Toastmaster or a Ballerina  or what?!” – Rezo Bokeria

“Creating an experimental Art- book was a new experience for me. As a result of participating in a  two-week workshop, I created a small collection of toasts – “Am I a Toastmaster or Ballerina”. In this book, I tried to show my attitude towards feasts and toasting tradition. I did not want to make fun of this myself, with words, therefore I introduced it in the form of some light humor. Toasts, which are most usually seriously being proposed during the feast, here are represented in the form of hilarious illustrations. There is a mix of modern and traditional elements. Because of limited time, the book is small, but the working process motivated me to create a bigger one with new ideas”.



Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nutsa Namoradze






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