Architect: Nana Zaalishvili | IDAAF Architects

Dimentions: 75x25x55 cm – 205x20x55 cm

Materials: Oak Wood, Chestnut Wood, Diabazi Stone, Bazalti Stone.

Year: 2019

Inspiration: Giorgi Chakhava’s ‘Construction Element’


Element Furniture was inspired by Giorgi Chakhava’s ‘Construction Element’ (1981) and by the idea that this invention does not stay only in the Soviet past but will develop into the future too. Because of the changing structures and a wide variety of materials, Element Collection is constantly updated and creates the opportunity for functional freedom. Assembling / disassembling Element Furniture is easy and requires no fasteners. The main collection includes various types of chairs, tables, benches, side tables, coffee tables, stools, shelves and more.

„Giorgi Chakhava (1923 – 2007) is a Georgian iconic architect best known for what is now the headquarters of the Bank of Georgia and was once the Soviet Ministry of Roads. It was officially opened in 1975 (in collaboration with Zurab Jalaghania.) and remains as one of the main architectural attractions in Tbilisi.

While researching Chakhava’s work and going through his family archives, his “Construction Element” stood out. He worked with simple forms and concrete texture to create an element that could be easily used for constructing different structures, almost like a jigsaw puzzle piece.

This “Construction Element” became the main inspiration for furniture line – ‘Element’. The collection is made either from wood or natural stone and consists of several pieces of furniture: chairs, benches and side tables. But it can also be sued to make other pieces of any size or dimension. “- Nana Zaalishvili

Each piece is a simple structure that can be easily handled and moved around. The minimalist design makes the furniture a good fit for different styles interior. For instance, simple and comfortable setting can be created as benches in museums or galleries. Small chairs are a good solution for certain crowded public spaces or temporary seating (for example, bank reception areas etc.).  They can also be a useful addition in the home placed next to a sofa or armchair, or next to the bed.



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