On December 4, Chain of perfume shops Lutecia introduced a new brand to its customers – “Eisenberg”. At a press conference and then an after-party in the Funicular hall, the guests were able to have a close look at “Eisenberg” products, fragrances and beauty line, which brings together some of the flavors in different vials.

The company’s founder is a person named Jose Eisenberg, who after 15 years of scientific research in the perfume industry created his eponymous brand. He has two passions, which define his creations: high technology and art, and one more requirement is essential: Perfection.

Eisenberg’s team is always looking for the perfect product, as well as trying to find out the truth, and the daily balance and efficiency, innovation, sensory pleasure, elegance, luxury, and the infinity.

Among the products being on display at chain of perfume shops Lutecia  , probably the most outstanding was the line of perfume.

Art and scent united in one cause, the revolutionary concept of life, passion, luxury and beauty of the nature of the expression … Jose Eisenberg asked a famous BrazilianartistJuarez Machado to paint pictures conveying the emotion that he experienced after sensingthe flavor and fragrances of his perfumes. The result did not take long and soon enough we received 5 works of art depicting those 5 fragrances.

Juarez Machado is a well-known figure in the world of art. He was born in 1941 in Brazil, Joinville and was educated in the College of Art Museum of Curitiba. Since 1968, he has lived between Paris and Rio de Janeiro. His works are successfully displayed in Europe, Brazil and the United States.

As for the fragrance, as I mentioned, Machado created 5 works for Eisenberg’s perfumes. Each of them is unique and artistically depicts these flavors.




A narcissistic perfume that unfolds on a delicate Raspberry head note, followed by the opulent bouquet of the heart notes of Magnolia and Black Pepper, while a persistent Amber and Sandalwood base prints the memory of a perfume in an incredible way.



A hypnotic and temping fragrance that unfold on a bitter Yellow Mandarin head one, followed by the spicy Cardamom; the Iris and Cedar Wood heart notes, bewitching and captivating, are expressed on a persistent background of base notes of fresh Vetiver, Musk and Benzoin.



A young, sparkling and flowered fragrance, characterized by a soft note captive in the heart of the fragrance. The dominant head notes of Pink Pepper and Rose, the flowered heart notes of Jasmine, Violet and Heliotrope open out on a delicate base of Musk and Vanilla. A perfume for a young Woman, Sparkly like a glass of champagne!



A penetrating olfactory swirl with head notes of fruity and fresh Current Berries. The personality of Heliotrope in the heart notes combined with the scent of the Rose, stands out on an aromatic powerful base of Tobacco and Sandalwood.



The strength of Bergamot and Cardamom in the head notes meets with the fresh notes of Anise and Mint, warmed –up with Ginger. A persistent base of Precious Wood for a Grand French Eau Fraîche.




Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nutsa Namoradze

All the photos are courtesy of Eisenberg.






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