For the last couple of month giant, appetizing food appeared in the streets of Paris; street artist, Lor-K showed us how discarded mattresses can be transformed into works of art.

French artist has been using abandoned junk to create street sculptures for the last six years. Besides memorable and original work, she also attracts viewer’s attention by the concept of the sculptures. There’s always an important idea, which is worth pondering on.

In the new project “Eat Me” Lor-K creates different types of food, like pizza, waffle, sandwich, sushi and so on, from abandoned mattresses. She so masterfully creates texture and color that sculptures resemble real food. They’re fully made of spray-painted mattresses and cushions.


The artist fully uses available material, cuts them, gives them required color and form, thinks about every little detail (like grill traces on baguette bread) and gives them a new meaning, a new life. Artist chooses the form of the sculpture according to place and spends from two to six hours making them. It should be noted that this creations are made on spot and passers-by are free to watch the process. After completion sculptures remain in the streets and their fate is in people’s hands; this decision, mysterious fate of the artwork to artist seems very poetic.

Like Lor-K’s other projects, the goal of this installation was to attract public’s attention on the scattered waste in the streets and show their potential; show that their “life” can still continue after throwing them away. Another aim of this project is to make us think about the quality of the food we consume, despite them looking good and delicious, we don’t know what are they made of and what hides behind the pretty exterior.




Author: Meri Khamkhadze


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