I want talk about the Australian brand, which was introduced by Ingrid Verner in the year of 2012,  today the labels name still stays the same “Verner”.

This amazing woman has her past in fashion, she created Australian based label called “TV”. Unfortunately the brand fall apart, but beforehand it had a very interesting collaboration for Topshop Capsule 2011 collection.

Collection I want to introduce is Spring-Summer 14/15. When talking to online magazine “Oyster” Ingrid said:”I feel like this collection takes it to a level that’s more approachable to people who aren’t twelve years old.”

“Oyster” talks about the collection “Eat Cake” Spring Summer 2015’s that it “takes aim at Australia’s cultural inferiority complex”. As for me I would describe this collection as more 90’s French vintage, while wearing or looking at them your thought will be in Nice or Cannes, strolling down the golden beach, while wrapped up in  this amazing striped dress like creations.

Collection is full of flare lower body clothing, which is combined with crisscrossed cropped blouses. Compared to Verner’s other collections, silhouettes of “Eat Cake” are more flexible/free and prints are not really a thing in this case, but the style is more or less stayed the same.

Huge role has the colors of the fabric which is very dynamic: white clothing, sea blue jackets and checked dresses. I would say this collection is pure perfection for the people who actually wear this kind of style, because it is actually very specific.

It has been a while since a new brand sprung so many pleasant emotions in me. Ingrid Verner’s collection showed me what real fashion lovers had been missing – FREEDOM! I think everything is ahead, because this terrifically talented designer will be someone who will introduce us to her amazing new collections soon.

Ingrid Verner is a new word in modern fashion world. This Australian brand had a very high appraise on the market, because it is almost impossible to love good product and pass without noticing Ingrid’s emotions through her clothing.



Author: Anano Maisurazde





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