Workshop: EASAPARK

Location: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Year: 2014

Tutors: Nanuka Zaalishvili, Rezi Kratsashvili, Dito Jobadze

Participants: Amber de Vrede, Dea Dudic, Elena Ifrim, Furkan Kocogullary, Gheorghe Ciobanu, Hristijan Babuka, Kyriaki Varvatou, Lucia Pinilla, Yazgi Demibras

Photo : Nanuka Zaalishvili




The workshop which I would like to introduce to you, is designed and performed by young Georgian architects. It’s one of the projects that has an underlined conceptual and practical meaning at the same time. The idea of it was to recover one of the beautiful abandoned places in the city, give a renovated look to it and bring people back to the location they have forgot long ago.

The first task for the team was to find a spot in the city, then assembling of designed objects and finally installation of them. Before the beginning of workshop, it had appeared, that the firstly chosen location was not available for the construction and they had to find a new site for their project. The new place appeared quite good for their intention of renovation, it was in the most touristic place of the city and had an amazing view to ancient fortress.

EASAPARK is a complex of small architectural volumes. A bench with a pot for three persons, two sits with a table, garbage box and birdhouses. All together they make a comfortable environment to relax. The park staff is made of a perfect combination of the materials. The one is good both aesthetically and practically. The base from concrete holds the metal supports with main frame, which is connected to the wooden part of whole structure.

There were three tutors and nine participants in the team. They have implemented several interesting as individual architectural forms, outdoor furniture with a help of impressive combination of textures and colors. The forms have joint into EASAPARK. As the authors of the project says, people began to use all objects immediately after finishing of construction works. This is a definite sign, that they made their idea with success.

EASAPARK is a unity of process stages, from inspiration to development of the idea, then improvement of the one and merging with a city life. This is not just a successful and lucky combination of some beautiful lifeless object. It’s a part of a big urban structure, but a cozy micro world with an independent aura. Architecture is usually done only for people, but not in this case. EASAPARK is a place where different type of lives have their own places to rest.


Check the final presentation video here:



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili






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