EASA (European Architect Student Assembly) was founded in 1981, when students of architecture from Liverpool: Geoff Haslam and Richard Murphy invited their fellow students from Europe to come and help them solve problems in their city. Since then EASA takes place each summer in a different country. It is organized by students of architecture for students of architecture and the concept is operated on a cooperative basis. In fall at INCM, Intermediate National Contact Meeting, the location for EASA is decided one and a half year in advance. Typically 400-500 students take part in the event and engage in workshops, exhibitions, lectures and social events loosely based around a specific theme. The event is funded through a combination of attendance fees (which vary for each country based upon ability to pay), grants and sponsorship, all arranged by the organizing committee for each event.

EASA is a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge for European students of architecture.Here architecture students can discuss their ideas, work together and exchange their experiences concerning architecture, education or life in general. By holding assemblies in different countries we have the chance to discover their cultural, historical, and environmental background. By exploring new dimensions of communication, reflection and presentation we can achieve a new perspective of dealing with the architectural profession. Easa is a non-political and non-profit network aimed at bringing people together. The essence of the easa, since it’s beginning in Liverpool in 1981, is maintained by the ‘easa spirit’ – easy to feel but difficult to describe.

Each easa – summer assembly has a theme. It is the starting point for our common adventure. An adventure that gathers different cultures and ideas of architecture. It has to be strong, powerful and generating the project.

The important parts of EASA are workshops, which are chosen a few months before easa itself in a special competition. When easa starts participants choose their desired workshop, they work on it with their tutors during 2 weeks and in the end they present it in a special closing event. Easa has its own TV, Radio and Newspaper “Umbrella” , where you can find out daily news and as EASA is a very cheerful organization, you can see a lot of funny stuff including current gossips, funny and odd stories stories and strange stories. The event is held in a huge area, which is divided into accommodation, eating, working and entertainment zones. This is good idea, cause it helps participants get together easily.

This year for the first time EASA was held in Bulgaria, in Veliko Tarnovo from July 19th till August 3rd 2014. More than 35 workshops were materialized, along with numerous lectures, discussions and exhibitions. The theme of EASA 2014  was Symбиоза: relations between architecture and nature, different cultures, and different historical layers. This week we will introduce you to a few workshops from this year’s easa. Also here you can see a list of the countries Easa was held in before and pictures from there. Next year Easa will be held in Malta, the capital city Valletta. Main topics are: (links)

EASA’s main idea is strengthening relationships and discovering new things, helping architecture students become better professionals. Here participants from different cultures meet each other and discuss a lot of useful ideas and future plans. But in the end what I want to say is that Easa is probably more a place of entertainment, where hard working day is replaced by cheerful nights where you can have fun with new friends.

List of the countries where EASA was held.

1981_ England LIVERPOOL Starting up the EASA Experience
1982_ Netherlands DELFT Architecture of an Uncertain Future
1983_ Portugal LISBOA Social Spaces
1984_ Denmark AARHUS Turning point in Architecture
1985_ Greece ATHENS Interpretation and Action in the City
1986_ Italy TORINO ArchitecturiLatenti
1987_ Finland HELSINKI Architecture and Nature
1988_ Germany BERLIN The Dimension Between
1989_ France MARSEILLE Heritage et Creativé
1990_ Sweden KARLSKRON Exploration
1991_ USSR KOLOMNA Regeneration
1992_ Turkey ÜRGÜP Vision 2000 Environment
1993_ Scotland SANDWICK The Isle
1994_ Belgium LIEGE Consommerl’Inconsumable
1995_ Poland ZAMOSC Beyond the Borders
1996_ France CLERMONT L’HERAULT Dream Builders!
1997_ Scandinavia THE TRAIN Advancing Architecture
1998_ Malta VALETTA Living on the Edge
1999_ Greece KAVALA Osmosis
2000_ Belgium/Netherlands ANTWERP/ROTTERDAM Dis-Similarities
2001_ Turkey GÖKÇEADA Sustainability
2002_ Croatia VIS Senses
2003_ Denmark FRILAND Sustainable Living
2004_ France ROUBAIX Metropolitain- Micropolitain
2005_ Switzerland BERGUN Tran, Trans, Transit
2006_ Hungary BUDAPEST Common Place
2007_ Greece ELEFSINA city_index
2008_ Ireland LETTERFRACK Adaptation
2009_ Italy DARFO superm[ARCH]et
2011_ Spain MADRID-CADIZ deCOASTruction
2012_Finland HELSINKI “wastelands”

2013_Slovenia ,ZUZEMBERK-Reaction

2014­­vel_Bulgaria, VELIKOTARNOVO-Symbioza



Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nino Namoradze




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