It is the third year, that idaaf offers you articles about  EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly). This year we became EASA official media partner and watched how the workshops proceeded on site. In this article, you’ll know about general concept of EASA 2016 Nida, Lithuania – NOT YET DECIDED.

The two week event has taken a place in the small Lithuanian town Nida, located on Curonian Spit, placed between the same name lagoon and the Baltic Sea. This is the unique place with its geography and nature, here on one small spot of our planet are spread the huge white-sand dunes, beautiful forest and the sea coast. The task for organisers and participants was even more challenging, as this territory is UNESCO world heritage site. This can explain why this year wood was the material mainly used.

The concept of the theme comes from Erwin Schrodinger’s experiment. The explanation of it by EASA team is following – imagine you put a cat in a box with a bomb that in one hour has a 50/50 chance of killing the cat or keeping it alive. What happens after one hour? The common sense says, the cat is either dead or alive. But Schrodinger points out at the instance before the box is opened that cat is at superposition – both dead and alive at the same time. The Lithuanian organisers believe that Nida is in same position and EASA had to show whether it’s dead or alive, as the local laws protect the nature and existing architecture so much and makes the construction or renovation process so much complicated, that almost no one wants to deal with this, that’s why Nida is both dead and alive – NOT YET DECIDED.

The accommodation, working and entertainment spaces were organised quite interesting. EASA had occupied 2 buildings entirely and some of the workshops were held in the third one – Nida Art Colony, at the same time the workshops were spread all over the town. Both main buildings were abandoned before EASA. The EASA “headquarters” and accommodation was in soviet guest house, which has not been functioning during last 9 years. It appeared the buildings suits ideal the needs of EASA with its planning and the common spaces, like the “sloped hall” for instance. Another building – the bar was in 5-10 minute walk from accommodation and the marvellous path lead you there through the forest.

Generally, EASA 2016 gave definitely a useful result for development of the town architecture. First of all it was a precedent of the new construction in Nida and also it had a good result, as number of projects had been created specifically for the locals. In this category we can distinguish, Gifting Environments and The Next Step.

The first one was designed and built for the secondary school Neringos Gimnazija, another one was a process of creation an alternative way to the dunes. One of significant workshops was Bring Nida Full Circle, which was aimed at increasing awareness of local society and participant about the role of architecture in the city’s economy.

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Photo: Alexandra Kononchenko

Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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