US billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump won the elections and will take over the US 45th president’s place in 2017. Therefore the world’s attention is drawn to him. The Trump family is under the watchful eye of the media and any detail about them is a headliner in news.

Owner of a various businesses, Trump is known for his eccentricity and has made many scandalous statements during and after his presidential campaign. Trump is known for his aggressive attitude towards immigrants, as well as his sexist statements against women and video recordings.

However, this article isn’t about his public behavior, IDAAF is interested in Trump’s architectural taste and looks through the buildings his organization has built – Trump Towers, which are located in different cities around the world.

Mainly there are offices, apartments and hotels located in the buildings. Trump doesn’t spare money for skyscrapers’ design creation and commissions famous firms and architects. According to how buildings look alike, we can conclude that the future president has a great influence on the creation process. Trump Towers are always overlooking the city, be it with other skyscrapers or alone; and each of them is “decorated” with owner’s big sign. It should be noted the constructions of the towers were always followed by some type of scandal, would it be illegal employment and low wages compared to performed work or unfulfilled promises concerning construction.

IDAAF present several Trump Towers.


Trump Tower. New York


Skyscraper is located on Manhattan; 58-story building serves as the headquarters for The Trump Organization and houses the primary penthouse residence of Donald Trump. The construction began in 1979 and opened in November of 1983. It should be noted that in addition to offices and apartments people can use public atrium and shopping center.

At first there was Bonwit Teller flagship store in place of the skyscraper; it was built in 1929 and was architecturally renowned building. It was brought by Trump in 1979, demolished it and erected his tower in its place, which was designed by Der Scutt. Despite the promise, the sculptures decorating former building, which were to be transferred to the museum, were destroyed, leaving the construction in scandal; the situation got worse, when it became clear that Trump employed illegal immigrants. The trials concerning these matters lasted for a long time and finally ended in 1999.

Structure and façade of 202-meter building is jagged, giving tower more windows and making it more resistant to natural disasters (wind, earthquake). Public spaces are decorated with pink-white marble; skyscraper is serviced with four gold-painted elevators and mirrors and reflective surfaces are actively used to furnish the interior.


Trump International Beach Resort. Florida

Residential complex built on Ocean beach was opened in 2003; it consists of three 32-story towers similar to each other, 271 residential units in each. The towers have a white, undulating façade with rounded balconies. Their design belongs to local architectural firm, Sieger Suarez. According to complex website, it’s an ideal place to rest not only with family; guests can enjoy the spa, swimming pool, children’s program, inner and outer space activities and many other services, which four-star hotel can offer.


Trump International Hotel & Tower. Toronto


Building of the skyscraper in city’s financial district began in 2007 and ended in 2012. Trump didn’t participate in construction process, but the tower is named after him and future president is the owner of part of the shares.

There are 65 floors in the 277-meter building and the façade is decorated with metal, glass and stone. Its design belongs to Zeidler Roberts Partnership. On the floors 2-31 there are 260 hotel rooms and on the 32-57 – 109 residential units. There’s even a 5,486 square meter spa in the skyscraper. It should be noted that, it was planned to connect the building to the metro station; underground works needed a great sum of money, so the plan couldn’t be implemented.

Trump International Hotel. Las Vegas


200-meter skyscraper is tallest building in the city. The construction was finished in 2008 and since the opening has hosted streams of numerous guests. The design of 64-story building belongs to Bergman, Walls & Associates. In addition to hotel rooms there are residential units in the tower. The hotel has two restaurants, one of them having Trump’s name (which should not be surprising). It should be noted that building’s outer windows are glazed with 24-carat gold.

Hotel is very popular among people, so after this success the developers decided to build another tower, but the project has been suspended for unknown period of time.


Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower. Panama

The design of the skyscraper belongs to Columbian architects Arias – Serna – Saravia. At first glance its shape resembles a white sail. The mixed-use building stands on the beach and offers its residents a perfect view of the ocean. There are 70 floors in 284-meter tower and 37 elevators. There are 369 hotel rooms, 700 residential units, 1500 parking spots, stores, casino, swimming pool, business center and public spaces in the complex and as noted, it offers maximum comfort to its residents.

Trump International Hotel and Tower. Chicago

360-meter skyscraper (423 meters including spire) overlooks the Lake Michigan. There are 339 hotel rooms and 486 residential units, with restaurant, garage, stores and fitness center in the 98-storey building. Design belongs to Adrian Smith and the structure was built by Bovis Lend Lease. The skyscraper has three “levels”, they show the height of nearby buildings and create visual continuum.


Trump Towers. Istanbul


Trump Towers is future president’s first project in Europa. He partnered with Turkish billionaire Aydin Dogan and together they built it. Brigitte Weber Architects worked on the design and as a result we got twin towers, which like other Trump buildings, have a shining glass “curtain”.

These towers complete each other. There are office spaces in one of them and residential units in the other, over 200 apartments in it. In the space connecting the complex you can enjoy shopping center and movie-theater.

Because of Trump’s anti-Muslim statements his partner (and not only he) is furious and as a result they demand to take down Trump’s name (and the sign) from the twin towers.




When asked what makes them different from other skyscrapers, the answer is simple – what makes Trump different from other people: tendency to radiant subjects, wanting to be the most distinctive, primeval and dominant in relation to environment. The rich person’s taste shows us that the author of the building is client and not the architect.



Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili, Meri Khamkhadze



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