Filip Hodas is a Czech Digital Artist form Prague. He plays around in 3D programs and builds a strong series of abstract art. His work is a sharing of a hyperreal space.

Each of the compositions intersect nature and artifice through the meticulous, digital manipulation of earthly environments, suggesting surreal interventions by unnatural, alien elements — a parasitic cluster of pink balloons looms over an icy lagoon; a mammoth, cone-shaped rock formation pierces the ground from above; glossy, crystalline orbs hover above jagged cliffs. The highly-detailed quality of the rendered artworks offer a realistic survey and the possibility of impossible landscapes and scenes

In 2015 started doing daily renders in 4D, Octane render and bunch of other tools. His works are the rare mix of digital elements and landscapes – mountains, rocks, waters. The result is hyperreal visual. Bubbles, abstractions, geometric figures is processed and blended naturally with the earthly environment. It creates a new approach to research earth’s enigmatic, magic and beautiful places and landscapes artistically.

His graphic works are harmonious connection of artificial and natural matters. Here landscapes are surrounded with contrast materials, lucid colors and it makes new inspirations for viewers and look like a psychedelic trip.

Idaaf Asked few questions to an author, here’s Interview with him:


Your artworks are very bright and colorful. What’s your favorite color and during the working process, how you chose them, especially for geometric shapes?

My favorite color is definitely blue. During the process I usually try few colors to see whats working and what is not. Some days I simply browse through my works and see what color I have been neglecting lately and do something with that one.


You use lots of stunning landscapes in your artworks. What’s your connection with the nature and how much influence does it have on you as an artist?

Unfortunately, I don’t have much connection with nature anymore. I live in city and I don’t get to spent much time outside of it.


As a digital artist what do you think is your main charm and what makes you different from the others?

I think I combine quite unusual elements together. Lots of styles and techniques mixed into one, so a lot of people can find in it something they like.


What’s news in software for creating Digital Art?

To be honest I don’t really follow new tools that much. I know there’s new version of Octane render coming later this year, to which I’m really looking forward. But other than that, I have no idea.


What is digital art?

Digital art to me is unlimited source of fun!

 Can you tell us sources of your inspiration?

I always like to check out behance, but lately I feel like there’s not much going on over there. Then of course Beeple, Joey Camacho and other daily artists. I also like to check out landscape photos and various sci-fi/fantasy illustrations and matte paintings.


 What is the meaning of art and what’s the message of your creations?

I started doing daily renders to force myself to do something and to get better in 3D. Most of the time it’s just about fun and experimentation rather than some message or commentary.



Author: Dodochi Gogia/ Nanuka Zaalishvili




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