Being a guest of art space is always a fascinating occasion, especially if the space is rarely unusual. This is why the meeting between idaaf and artist David Kukhalashvili took a place into his workshop full of interesting creations.

From one side, the urban environment in Kukhalashvili’s art is quite cruel and reflects the reality clearly, but from the other side the strict graphic image is full of color, so the horror story becomes not such depressing as it seems. Mankind characters do not appear in the artist’s compositions very often and even when appearing they are not very human. The logical extension of the “City” series is the theme of “The Tools”, these two are filled by “Dialogue”, which is always held between two unequal parties. As a result, we get the image of modern society and living conditions, which has been formed during the years of observation and work.





The technique of implementing in Kukhalashvili’s art is various, the material is often unexpected. We can take an old safe’s door as an example, which has interesting physical characteristics and past, this object was once used by employees of Georgian Film. Geometry and perspective together with symbolic objects are the dominant visual methods of expressing the gist.

The artist tries not to carry ideas for too long in his head. He prefers to perform them in the way and scale different from base concept, than to keep in mind for years. Sometimes the works are not finished by him at once, he turns to them time to time. Lots of new ideas are usually generated during this process.





“From my point of view, the emotions of one particular person do not seem very interesting for society.” – This is how the artist explains why he is interested in themes that he works on. At the present moment together with many other works the “Tools” series triptych is in progress. The background of this artwork is a violet velvet-like fabric. This time together with color the texture demonstrates itself as an art component.


“The Tools”




All references in the language of symbols and colors are absolutely clear, as well as the usual sentences said directly with no subtext behind.

You can find more false-free and delicate artworks by David Kukhalashvili here:





Art and photo: David Kukhalashvili

Photo by: PopiashviliGvaberidze Window Project–GuramKapanadze

Author: Tata Alkhazashvili




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