Workshop: Ctrl+Z (Geodesic Geometry)

Location: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

Year: 2014

Tutor: Gianluca Stasi

Participants: Afonso Miranda (Portugal), Alexander Tibari (Moldavia), Alina Sidarevich (Belarus), Ana Bertol (Spain), Anna Maslova (Russia), Cecile Vendeure (France), Elizaveta Chuhlantseva (Russia), Eva Logonder (Slovenia), Marcela Raczova (Slovakia), Marco Simsio (Finland), NastyaBelousova (Russia), Sandra Hurek (Poland), Victoria Paova (Bulgaria)

Photo: Alexandra Kononchenko, Gianluca Stasi

Sponsored by:  ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA – SOFIA, ColegioOficial de Arquitectos de Sevilla.


The workshop by Ctrl+Z and their team is a part of concept of “Geodesic Geometry”, which had taken a place in their practice several years ago and develops step by step since then. The author was inspired by a geodesic dome of Dr. Walther Bauersfeld from 1922 and architecture of Richard Buckminster Fuller who was popularizing it in the middle of last century. The aim of Ctrl+Z idea was to create a simple system that could be used by common people for implementing some kind of shelter with a help of locally available and even recycled materials and non-complicated parts and tools.

An interesting side of the workshop is that it’s not based only on studies in theory but the experiments in practice also. Step by step the project became a structure without any complicated connection details and with several template parts in general. It’s even possible to make it a mobile structure as in disassembled mode it can be placed in a quite small space.

The Geodesic Dome is a beautiful structure itself. Material used makes it more attractive. Inside space of half sphere is middle shaded and seems to be comfortable even it is not fully covered with cladding or roofing.

The main goal of workshop at EASA was to forward the knowledge and introduce an idea to the group of people with no experience in this field. The result was amazing as participants did all job in unexpectedly short time.

“In our approach the most important thing is that the local population, regardless of the materials, technologies or specific geometries, can appropriate of the proposed models after an initial phase of knowledge transition.
It would endow resilience to the involved social and architectural processes, and even if at first aid would come through some dynamics linked to globalization, would continue work in the path and with the belief that improvements can be carried out by locals.”

The team together with their supporters once again proves the fact that architecture is not done only for some individuals and not only by the people with specific knowledge, but for each and every person in the world. Architecture is a space for people that makes the common lives special and better.



More about Ctrl+Z is here:


Special thanks to: NedyalkoYordanov, Mario Mesjkov, GeorgiKomsalov, Martin Angelov, Massimo Mazzone and Easa Bulgaria Team.

 P.S. Participants of Ctrl+Z workshop are thankful to “Martha”, amazing  power saw, who bravely did her duties. With dignity she endured all kinds of workload and stress. Whereby the project was completed successfully.  🙂



Author: Tata alkhazashvili







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