Design: DODO Designs

Location: 1 V. Petriashvili st. Tbilisi

Total Area: 120 sq.m.

Year: 2021

The Georgian shoe brand, Crosty has opened its first store on Petriashvili Street, in Tbilisi designed by DODO Designs. The space is divided into two function spaces: art and trade. They are sharply divided by colours and textures.

Crosty’s concept store starts as a white, sterile showroom with a pink ceiling. The main focus of the space is currently a sculpture by the Georgian artist, Uta Bekaia: “Sea, sea swallow me”. The art space of Crosty is flexible and from time-to-time different artists’ work will be exhibited here.

A sharp blue room can be seen from the white space. This is the shopping space where Crosty products are presented for sale. Every detail of this space is in Yves Klein’s blue which makes a sharp contrast with the variety of the shoes on display and are clearly marked within the space by the white neon lights.

Author: Lile Absandze

English Edit: SW

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