Cocoliso, Cocolisa…

I want to introduce you the FASHION world of HER. Coco started her career as a photographer in mid-ages and by that I mean that before in childhood her only dreams were to become a diplomat who would know a lot of languages, but only after becoming an Olympic champion in swimming. As time passed her attitude towards life footsteps changed, as she said in interview with deFUZE Magazine:  “I did not study art in my last school years. I specialized in old languages, history and literature. I was ready to study law in University, but after my last school exam I thought that was not what I really wanted, so I packed a camera and a few things and I moved to a London the day after.”

Her tendency to be a studio photographer is not because she can’t do outdoors but the only reason is that she feels more flexible in what she does. Coco has castings every once in a while approximately every two months or so. Even Georgian model Elensio-Elene Makharashvili got in her studio and did a marvelous photo shoot with her. The first time I saw her photos was when I was scrolling down the Jacquemus lookbooks and voila here goes a Georgian girl in one of the famous our generation photographer’s studio. I was stunned.

She did the photography for a famous fashion house Maison Martin Margiela. Coco worked on Spring-Summer 2015 Resort. I bet you could not take the eyes off those photos, guess what me neither.

Words cannot describe how her shoots are all natural, how decently she works with light and how much impact does it have on a viewer.  Every photographer knows how hard it is to work in the world of technology these years, but Coco found the way to be so unique and precious. Probably it is because of the freedom described through her lenses. Most of the time is spent in the dark room, where she develops and scans everything photographed.

“Imperfection is my thing. Everything needs to be perfectly imperfect. I have nothing against Photoshop, and I don’t blame the software, only bad taste is to blame in that cases.” She said in an interview with deFUZE Magazine.

These are not the only reasons you should go through her photos and love her immediately. I think that Coco’s personality is also very catchy and interesting. Please readers love her and take your time to be more natural, deficiency does not mean we have less than other people. As I said before in my article about Jacquemus simplicity is the key.


Author: Anano Maisuradze




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