Interior: Lizka Zautashvili

Photo: Nato Bagrationi

Location: Georgia, Tbilisi, Abashidze str. 14


Yet another interesting space has been opened in Tbilisi, which will be appreciated by the architects and interior designers, and by the lovers of fashion and tasteful clothing. The renovated CO.MODE was decorated by the young artist Lizka Zautashvili. Here you can find many different product created by the Georgian designers.

The façade is not typical, almost half of it is non-transparent and decorated with a cover image. The costumes and manikins shown on the glass are schematic and geometrical. They look like the template material preparations and effectively cover the working and auxiliary spaces with the help of combination of distinct lines and dots, performed into two colors. The transparent part of the shop front gives the customers and other pedestrians who pass by the opportunity to observe the main hall of the shop from the street.

The color is inserted into the interior of CO.MODE only with the help of the textile of the products and accessories presented in here. The general surfaces are presented in several neutral tones – concrete, wood and white. The shelving and hangers are laconic and linear. The black and white options are combined differently, depending on the location. For more comfort we can find the wooden cubes distractedly laying here and there, forming the impression of a bit chaotic and untidy artist’s workshop. When entering the CO.MODE you’ll pay all your attention to the product presented here, that means that the interior serves as the “background” for the items precisely placed in there. So, at the end the function of retail area has been analyzed and designed successfully.




Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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